random friday facts

1. Molly went on a massive dinosaur-killing bender while we slept last night.
It's all right, Molly, get a cheeseburger and some Advil in you and you'll be feeling better pretty soon.
2. Every morning when I finish whatever workout I'm doing, I make a smoothie and a cup of hot tea (winter only) and refill my water bottle.  No wonder I pee 4329 times a day.
3. There are four dogs in this picture.  Can you find them?
4. It's really hard to find a photo of the poet and I in my photo library where one of us is not in exercise clothes or being ridiculous.
5. This is the first race picture ever taken of me (second race ever).  Check out my sweet form.
6. However, I was clearly a cyclist from a very young age, even if I didn't learn where the brakes were until 25 years later.
7. 95% of the pictures on my phone are of puppies.  I'm sure this is a huge surprise.
8. Most of the rest are of food.  I'm so ashamed.
9. This is a drink I had with Heather right after she moved back to DC.  One made me feel pretty drunk.  I had two.
10. This is the last race I ran before I started my blog.  I took lots of pictures, clearly anticipating that I would be starting a blog and someday get around to doing throwback race reports.  It could happen.
11. I have no idea.  But I'm sure I won.
12. This still cracks me up.
13. None of the pictures in my phone are of my ass.  Better check the poet's when he gets home.
14. I freaked out, just a little.
Happy Friday, friends!  Let me know if you RFF'd today!


  1. I remember when I first found you on Twitter and started reading your blog. You are like someone totally different now (at least as far as mindset and the ROCKIN' body).

  2. Our pups have the same pink dinosaur (dragon?) toy. It is my big one's absolute favorite. He brings it to me every time I walk in the door.
    Question - I am always amazed at your RFF posts and how truly "random" they are. Do you work on these all week? Or can you easily just come up with so many random facts?

  3. #3. I cannot find that fourth dog! I feel like I've been bamboozled!

    #14. Ahhhh! I love your dress and earrings!!!!

  4. Enjoyed the random photos. Maybe I should go make a smoothie . . .

    I did my RFF today.

  5. always love the pup photos. also, what is that drink? it looks amazing. hm. maybe i'm thirsty. lol!


  6. 1. I love the Animal Pj pants.

    2. So the rest of your pics are food huh. I thought you HATED THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I see the fourth dog! Kind of. There are five puppy legs next to you that look the same, so I have to assume one is hiding/blended into the other. OR, there's something you're not telling us...

    Those Founding Farmer drinks were serious. We should probably have more of them.

    I still love your wedding store more than any "eloping" story. It is SO SMART. And you two look quite stunning. ;)

  8. Kylie went on a massive penguin killing spree this week. She's almost 6! They never grow up :)

  9. Bib # 13, you must an elite runner???????? TGIF

  10. I have a completely off-topic and random question about endurance swimming...

    So, I know about fueling on long run and long bike rides to keep energy up and dehydration at bay, but how do you drink water/intake energy while swimming for long periods of time? Do you? What do you do if you're in an open water swim and not a pool where you could stash some stuff and get in & out of the water?

    sorry for the randomness, this has just been plaguing me!

    1. I've never done any kind of swimming where I've needed to fuel mid-swim, actually! When I do long pool workouts (over an hour), sometimes I'll put a scoop of EFS in my bottle, especially if it's a hard workout.

  11. #3 Are you sitting on one of the dogs? I see 3 front paws but someone is being camera shy.

    #5 At least you aren't wearing basketball shorts and a cotten t-shirt. Guilty. And it was a marathon. Ouch.

    #9 And you aren't sharing the recipe? Gee thanks.

  12. You take a lot of puppy pictures?

  13. The one of the bottles in your pants is my favorite. Being there to watch you walk like that was even better.

  14. I need to take some lessons in hydration from you, I am terrible at remembering to drink enough (water, that is). Like all the pictures on the blog, especially of the dinosaur killing bender. I came home to a similar bender once, only it was a "lets kill the banana republic wardrobe." NOT pretty. LOVE the wedding photo. And can't find the 4th dog anywhere, boo.

  15. Throw-back race reports ... now there's an idea I've had but never done!

  16. Ha! I'm pretty sure that pic of your ass is from my phone!! I have a bunch of pics from my races in the early 90's - Karate Kid is all I'm going to say. MOLLY!!

  17. Your posts never cease to make me smile...and often laugh! You know how incredible you are, right?
    I RFF'd!

    Can't wait to see you again in June - promise to take plenty of photos of your ass!

  18. Pre race photo is great.

    Since there won't be a race report coming out let me just say: great job. Way to hit those splits. Congrats on the PR.

  19. This was a really excellent RFF. Nice work!


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