random friday facts

1. I hate repeating myself.

2. I keep thinking about moving from blogger to WP, but then I start reading a ton of articles about how to do it and then I read some more articles and then I give up and go drink a beer.  

3. I do not like sharing a lane with people doing breaststroke.

4. It's been a really long time since I've been to a yoga class, and I miss it, but I also think it was contributing to my bones-not-staying-where-I-put-them problem.

5. I despise blatant social climbing.

6. No matter who farts in my house, we blame Graham.

7. I still have not yet learned that yelling at the wind doesn't help.  Oh, and eats HR.

8. One of the main things that I don't like about our house is that we sleep on the main floor.

9. I keep trying to like sushi but, fish, ugh.

10. I put an entire bag of spinach in my dinner last night.

11. My little toe goes completely white when I run in the winter.

12. I really hate how much money we owe in student loans.  We overpay every month like crazy, and it's still going to take probably.....10? years to pay them off.  I've actually thought about doing a PF-blog-style monthly recap on our expenses, but that's a little terrifying, and it's not running or pictures of my ass so it doesn't really belong.

13. Molly is scared of the foam roller, therefore I chase her around with it every time I roll.

14. I never buy new purses.  I've been carrying the same big white purse from Target for at least 2 years.

15. I get out of the pool to pee.

16. I have been sleeping a ton in the past few weeks.  Like 8-9-10 hours per night.  

17. Sometimes, I am really good at keeping secrets.

18. Switching into a gentler, kinder pair of running shoes has allowed a lot of blisters and rough spots to heal.  My feet are almost pretty now.

19. I vow to never post again that I'm feeling good and injury-free.  After posting yesterday, I pissed off my shoulder somehow, tweaked my SI joint at the gym and dropped a weight on my foot.

20. I've been having some very interesting dreams about Hugh Laurie.  It might be time to watch a different show while on the trainer.

Happy Friday!  Leave me something random to cheer up my bruised toe.


  1. Me too! Check out my blog at swimbikerundc.blogspot.com

  2. FACT: Hugh Laurie is on my top 5 men I'd have sexy times with. I don't care that he's so much older than me. And if you watch him in interviews, he actually has a sexy British accent. Rawr!

  3. Haha I love this. I also use my purse for 2 years at least.

    ps are you strength training during Ironman? As of now I'm trying to get in 15 min core workouts a week (maybe some push-ups thrown in) plus at least one hour long yoga class or some other type of core workout.

  4. what is breaststroke? i should figure that out...
    and ill text you something TMI later. dont you worry.

  5. number 17 intrigues me. What are you hiding? :)

  6. 1. I use a free purse I got from subscribing to Self magazine about 5 years ago.

    2. I hate having debt. I regularly hyperventilate about having a car payment, even though the loan rate was so low it makes sense to have it and let the money sit in savings.

    Is the sleeping intentional? I've been trying to go to bed earlier and been a tad successful, but not 8-10 hour successful.

  7. Ugh I know what you mean about student loans and debt in general. I've been trying to pay off my credit card for 2 years now and the interest is absolutely destroying me.

    What shoes did you switch to? I've been having problems with blisters and such too and am looking to try out a few new pairs.

  8. Oh gosh #2. Me too. How hard can it be? Yet I can't bring myself to take the time to go to WP.

  9. Love #13! Scooter, the bulldog, is fine with the foam roller. But hates a tape measure with the fire of a million devils. Sooo, we chase her with it because a) we can, b) it's hilarious and c) we're mean dog parents.

    Glad to know someone else acts similarly.

  10. #2 <- THIS. I have a half built WP site and I just cannot bring myself to finish it and make the switch. I need to hire someone to finish it for me.

    #11 - My toes and fingers go white. It's actually quite disturbing.

    #12 - I've been paying for 10 years and STILL have at least another 10 years left. Ugh.

    #14 - I bought my first new purse since 2005 this past weekend. I love it and it was on clearance. SCORE!

    Also, I miss your face.

  11. I can live with breast-stroke; it's butterfly that destroys me.

    I also do not pee in the pool.

  12. I cant drink Scotch anymore.

  13. Thank you for not peeing in the pool..... Babe Ruth!

  14. I run away from the foam roller too. It is in our living room b/c Karen uses it and I just stare at it like it's some sort of foreign object that doesn't really belong in this house.

  15. jealous of your sleep!!! i have been thinking about sleep a TON...hope i can get some more soon! my pup is afraid of the vacuum. like things i am trying to terrorize her on purpose and will hide in the corner with the look of pain. what a crazy.

  16. 2. I will help you. Blogger sucks. Wordpress rules!

    15. Thank you

  17. I hear you on 12. And as for 13, I chase my dog around on a weekly basis with the vacuum. And the swiffer. Both get the same reaction. As for the sleep - I am jealous! Hope you had a great Friday!

  18. I totally agree with #1, 3, 5, 2,. I wish I was doing a lot of 16 if that's the sleeping point!

  19. New purses are wayyyy over rated!!!

  20. Keep trying to like sushi. It's awesome! I think that worldpress is probably better than Blogger, but I have no motivation to change either.

  21. I don't pee in the pool either, but if I get out I'll lost my lane, so my workouts are either short or uncomfortable after about 800 meters.

  22. AWESOME list of facts. Just, AWESOME.

    "15. I get out of the pool to pee." Do most people not do this? Swimming, EW.

    Also, veggie sushi is wear its at! It appeases the people who like to go out for Sushi (ahem, D), but makes it so I don't have to eat raw fish (gross). I'm also pretty sure it really annoys the Sushi-rollers, because it makes no sense. Kind of like the Hawaiian pizza we ordered... ;)

  23. Hah, to Beth's comment. Also, #15, I'm really glad to hear this, seeing as how I've shared a lane with you.

  24. I know this is the last option, but WP actually has a service where you pay them $90 and they do the entire thing for you. Pretty damn easy.

  25. Oh gosh, I don't like sushi either and I'm half Japanese!! I feel like such a sell out but I've tried it several times and while everyone is raving I'm like, "seriously? we just ate slimy raw fish!" Also I am way jealous of your sleep! My baby is almost 1 and the kid still wakes up in the middle of the night for a bottle. It's killing me!!
    p.s. Must say that your random posts are always some of my favs! I have no idea how you come up with such funny random stuff each week but I love it : )

  26. wait, people PEE in the pool???!!!

  27. I too hate sharing a lane with people who do breaststroke. Why do people think they should do ONLY this stroke in any lane other than the slow lane? If it's every 5-10 laps I don't mind.


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