random friday facts

1. We have two roommates and live on the main floor of our house, but I still almost always pee with the door wide open.

2. I have never been inside a lululemon.

3. One of my college roommates had a killer Chicago accent.  I managed to pick up pieces of it, and it still pops out sometimes.

4. I have finally figured out how to get the air out of my stomach in the pool before it kills me (bend over, push on stomach, burp).  Now if only I could stop sucking it in.

5. Through a lucky twist of fate, I have never had severe saddle problems.  The saddle that comes on the bike has always worked out just fine.

6. I probably should have been a finance major.

7. I know you're supposed to put spinach in the smoothie but I just can't.  It smells and gets stuck in my teeth.

8. Sometimes I feel like I shouldn't let the poet do the "manly" chores while I do the "womanly" chores.  I want to be like, "No, you go clean the bathroom, I'll pick up the dog poop!"  But then I remember that I don't like picking up poop.  

9. I wish I could grow a long curly mustache.

10. Yes, we do have a Dyson.

11. I still struggle with body image.  Logically, I appreciate what my body can do and know not to fuss about the numbers.  But then I look in the mirror at my thighs - especially when I'm in a bathing suit and can see the wobbly cellulite - and feel like a fat cow.

12. I'm trying to decide if the amount of greens I'm eating right now is making me feel better, or if I just feel better because I'm being haughty about the amount of greens I'm eating.  Either is fine.

13. I have a lucky number.

14. I work alone in my house most days, but I never listen to music.

15. I have never thrown an egg.

16. Except for Harry Potter, I haven't seen a movie in the theaters in years, and the poet and I have a movie date on Monday.  Suggestions?

17. I eat gluten-free pancakes because the mix is delicious and awesomely fluffy.

18. I have no desire to own expensive shoes that are not running or cycling shoes.  But now that my running-shoe-lust has been (temporarily) fulfilled, I'm dying to bring home some sexy snakeskin cycling shoes.

Not randomly, but since a few have asked: Sofie is settling in pretty well.  She's learning the law of the land a lot more quickly than the first two did as puppies, and has already graduated to couch-snuggling.  All is well.

Happy Friday, all!  What's on tap for this weekend?


  1. Haughty is a great and under-used word.

  2. Sexy snakeskin cycling shoes, hmmmm?

  3. I probably could grow a long, curly mustache. And you can have it!

  4. Well at least you are able to get him to do the manly chores... I clean the bathroom & pick up the dog poop, boooo. But I guess now it's just by default since he's gone.

    Air in your stomach? I had never heard of that.

  5. Thank you for #4!!!! I have the worst time with air in my stomach from swimming and have tried "forcing" a burp, but never this way. If it works then I might kiss you (if we ever meet, which maybe you won't want to do now that I've said I will kiss you ;))
    Happy friday!

  6. I'm totally in agreement on the shows thing. Except the snakeskin cycling ones since I don't own any cycling shoes.

    And same thing on the dog poo. Picking it up makes me vomit, literally.

  7. You should really get on that egg throwing thing. It's never too late!

  8. #5: Wait a sec! I swear you had to get something lanced!

    #7: Spinach belong in salad. NOTHING ELSE!!!

    #17: Details please!

  9. Number two is good b/c I just read a really scary article on them.

    With three dogs you need a Dyson, don't you?

    A mustache?

  10. Air in your STOMACH?? Seriously. The swimming!

    Can we trade saddles? Or can your ass teach my ass how to sit in one correctly?

    "supposed to put spinach in the smoothie"...says who? It's gross. Just eat the spinach in a salad, or steam it, or put it in lasagna. That's the way nature intended!

  11. You guys need to go see The Artist - silent film, but new. really good!!!!

    1. Shoot! I was going to recommend The Artist as well. Also liked The Muppets, The Descendants, and Moneyball (probably in a second-run theater).

  12. We enjoyed Mission Impossible, definitely not Mission Difficult. But we like those kinds of movies.

    I pick up dog poop. Tim does laundry and the bathrooms.

    I think nobody likes their body. I do think as you get older, you begin to realize that and it makes you look more positively of your own. I think you look great!

  13. ha! now i know why you got 3 pups--poet cleans the poo!!! lol

  14. So dog poop removal is a manly chore? This will be somber news for the Caveman.

  15. #4 Air bubbles in the pool are the worst. No way to get rid of them without stopping.

    #14 I work in my house every day and ALWAYS have music or tv on. I need the background noise.

    #16 The last movie I saw in the theatre was a Twilight movie *handing over man card now* I used to work in a movie theatre and they totally lost their appeal to me.

  16. So is your favorite # 13 then?

    I work from home to and whenever KC posts I listen to music otherwise I almost never listen to music but will tune in SportsTalk radio. I also listen to sports talk radio while driving and very rarely listen to music.

    I go to the movies a lot and often on my own so take this from a man's perspective. I thought Sherlock Holmes 2 was very very good and even better than the first. I just saw Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and the original was better but this was a very good movie as well.

  17. Dysons are the best. I agree with you on the expensive non-running shoes thing in terms of style. However, I find that you have to pay $100+ if you want the shoe to be comfortable/supportive, which I insist on. I don't see what the Lululemon craze is all about and have no desire to enter a store aside from just curiosity!

  18. I pee with the door open whenever there is a very low risk of being seen, sometimes even at other people's houses (hey, I have a kid and need to keep an ear out for him).

  19. Smoothie and spinach just sound wrong to me, I am with you on that one. I don't know how I lived my life prior to a Dyson. We recently saw Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, I'd recommend that one (but then, that's the ONLY one I've seen in the theater, besides Harry Potter, in about a year).

  20. Just looking at your schedule - we have a crew coming for the DC (National) 1/2 marathon...drinks after???

  21. I've never been inside Luluemon either!

  22. #18, yes. I think nothing of spending $100 on running shoes but work shoes? Ones that will last for YEARS? I gasp if they are over $40. Sigh.
    You need snakeskin cycling shoes. Or pink Sidi tri shoes. Either way.


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