random friday facts

1. The thermostat in my house is kept at 58º during the day and 60-62º at night.  The heat doesn't work all that well and after the first winter here of $300-$400 gas bills, I'd just rather be cold.

2. We live about 300 yards from a Target.  After 3 years, I'm not sure I could ever live further away from one.

3. I have at least three sets of plane tickets to buy and I'm not looking forward to spending the money.

4. My SI joint still pops out of alignment all the time.

5. I still haven't figured out how to consistently move forward while doing breaststroke.

6. Sweet potatoes are my new lunch go-to.

7. I really want to learn how to give my bike a tune-up and take it apart.  I used to fix computers, how different can it really be?

8. I use my ATM PIN on my gym locker.

9. I'm finally down to only one shelf of beer in the fridge.

10. I think I need to start swimming with my goggles under my cap because one of the straps flips over all the time when I flip-turn and it drives me absolutely crazy.

11. I've woken up three mornings in a row pinned to the bed by snoring puppies.

12. I didn't really like beer until about 2 years ago.

13. I always wake up in the middle of the night and have to pee, and I always spend time trying to convince myself that I don't instead of just getting up and going.

14. I've never met a nut I don't like.

15. I can't deal with soup.  Stew and chili is okay, but soup, ugh.

16. I need white noise while I sleep.

17. The fact that a lot of my RFF's are about sleep tells me I've been sleeping a lot.

18. I haven't been to a physical therapist in almost a month.  This might be a record.

19. I'm officially addicted to Powerade Zero.

20. I think I'm going to pay someone to do my taxes this year.

21. I'm hoping to get at least some things on my bike straightened out this weekend.

Happy Friday, everyone!  Let me know if you RFF'd and I'll try to not forget to link you!


  1. I RFF'd for the first time! Woo.

    I can move forward doing breast stroke with the arms, but if it's just kicking, I don't go anywhere. Like literally nowhere.

  2. There are two types of swimmers: Backstroke, butterfly, and freestylers. and breaststrokers. I've never been able to do it with any speed or efficiency.

    7.) REI gives bike clinics.

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    2. I totally agree. Can't breaststroke to save my life - and I was an IMer. I had to kill it on the first two, see people catch up on the 3rd and then kill it again at the end.

  3. In my old location (Cleveland) we kept the thermostat set about there because we also didn't like the $400 gas bills. Thank goodness we moved to a house with nice windows and insulation, but yeah, I'd also rather be cold.

    Once I tried living more than about 2 miles from a Target. It was awful. Never again!

  4. Ha. I used my ATM Pin at your gym too.

    As a former breaststroker, I'd be happy to give you a tutorial some time. :) Just don't ask to see my backstroke.

  5. I'll steal your RFF idea and run with it.
    We have a wood stove and just started using it last year when the cost of oil went bananas. Now the heat is OFF during the day :)

  6. #7 - I have no doubt you will not only be doing your own bike maintenance but also building bikes in the not-too-distant future, in your spare time, just for fun of course.

    #9 - You're welcome.

    #12 - You've really made up for lost time!!

    #15 - You just haven't had great soup yet. I will now show up on your doorstep with great soup. See Spaghetti Squash.

  7. Paying someone to do your taxes is a good thing. We actually took our returns from the previous year to a new tax guy a couple of years ago, and he found about $400 extra dollars for us.

  8. Getting the beer down to only one shelf would not be cause for celebration here. It would be a signal that it was time to buy more beer.

    I guess I won't make soup for the beer tasting LOL. (Actually, I usually make some type of chili)

    We too will be getting out taxes done this year. Just need to actually find the person LOL.

  9. #10. You should be doing this anyways. Imagine the flailing hands when you enter the water with 2500 of your newest and closest friends!

    #11: Jealous

  10. One shelf of beer! You poor woman, I'm going to start a fundraiser for you!

  11. Sometimes I wonder if I just got up and went instead of laying there telling myself I didn't have to go, how much extra time I'd get of sleep.

    I am sooooooo glad I paid to have my taxes done last year since it was multi-state; I did them myself first on turbo tax and it said I owed a ton, took them to get done, got a ton back. WIN! So this year, even though I'm not filing multi-state I'm still going to get them done just to be safe.

  12. WHAT!?! How can you stand to coldness? I keep my apartment at like...70! In all fairness I live in a school-owned apartment and pay a flat rate and they take care of the heating bill.

    Congrats on your not-seeing-a-PT record!

  13. #9: I don't have a shelf. I have a whole 'nuther fridge!
    #13: I hear ya. Me too.
    #20: H&R Block had some commercial about doing it for free if you use an EZ form. Yes please!

  14. Our thermostat is set to exactly the same numbers. Put on a damn sweater if you're cold.

  15. 58 sounds cold. We keep it at 68 and that feels cold sometimes. My dad used to keep it at 65 during the day and cranked it back to 59 at night - we didn't have many heat vents on the floor the bedrooms were on anyway, we just used a TON of blankets.

  16. My thermostat is similar. Except I haven't used my heater in weeks. I just bundle up when cold or use a space heater to heat a single room if necessary. And my pellet stove, on legal burn days, as often as possible.

  17. Totally agree about the thermostat. I love having a chill in the air so I can bundle up.

    I really need to have some do my taxes this year too. I've done turbo tax for the past 4years and have paid insane amounts of Money. But I'm too afraid to have anyone look at them again in case they find I owe more!

  18. #3 Just bought one set of plane tickets. What a miserable experience. Almost as miserable as the actual flying

    #7 Used to fix computers? So you know all to well the "Can you fix my computer?" question then right? I've finally learned to say "No"

    #8 What is your gym locker combo?

  19. Not sure how it took me so long to read your blog but glad I finally have. I live about the same distance from a Target in Alexandria, wonder if its the same one! Anyway, I'm adding you to my reader so I can keep up! Are you in the DC Bloggers group on Facebook? Just wondering!

  20. I tagged you in a post on my blog. I was bored, but feel free to ignore it if you're not interested. ;)

  21. I'm keep the thermostat at 58 most of the time. Because I'm CHEAP. I see no reason to heat an entire house when I take up just this much space. I did invest in an electric blanket. That and three cats keeps me plenty warm!

  22. 300 from a target? OH.MY.GOD. I want your life.

  23. Haha! #13 is totally me too!! and if I lived that close to Target I would be broke. Seriously, I cannot even walk in that store without dropping $100 on crap I'm sure I don't really need.

  24. 15. I can't deal with soup.
    Well, good thing I didn't send you a recipe for Cauliflower soup that I just found...I thought about it, and then realized it didn't look all that great OR have any seasoning. So, blah.

    20. If they're complicated (as mine often are), this is Worth EVERY penny, in my opinion. Then again, D took about 5 seconds to do his the last few years, and got $ back insanely quickly. So, there's that.

  25. You MUST have a California KING #11. Spencer is always a Cooper magnet. Coop tends to sleep on him more often than not!

  26. When you refer to nuts are you talking about people or the actual nut like a peanut? What is your favorite?

    and this: 6. Sweet potatoes are my new lunch go-to.

    How do you prepare it? Just micro it and then wrap a napkin around it and eat it like a carrot?

  27. 1) Oh my gosh! My thermostat is set at 70! Now I feel like an energy whore! haha! I blame it on my kids, they are wimps when it comes to the cold.
    2) used to live 5 minutes from a Wal-mart so I know what you're talking about ; )
    6) ever topped your sweet potato with salsa? So yummy!


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