surprised yet again by a month ending...

I had actually completely forgotten that it was the end of the month until I saw another May recap posted.  That bodes well for my goals...

May Goals
Finish the 70.3 (more on this later).  Done & triumphant!
Don't buy any more furniture. I did not buy any MORE...
Spend lots of recovery time eating, drinking, swimming with the pups and relaxing.  A recovery week in Jamaica was just what the doctor ordered.

May was a busy month.  Every weekend had something huge - graduation, a race, another race, and a vacation.  Looking back now, I can see how much anxiety I had about the 70.3, and now I laugh about it because I had no reason to worry that much.  

Running was up and down for the month - once the 70.3 was over, I backed way off, and am still dealing with some lingering issues from my SI joint disaster injury.  This month I'll start to inch back into running again, but I'm going to keep it on the easy side for sure.  I had a solid month of riding and swimming, and I'm happy, for right now, to not be in a training cycle.  I've got some races that I'd like to do in June, but for most of them, I'll sign up a few days before or even the day of and then run them for fun.  If the past few days have been any warning, it's going to be WAY too hot to do anything else.  But for the most part, I want to be able to lift every week, run as I feel I can and enjoy lots of riding.  

And all exercise aside, it was just a really great month to be alive.  
I completed my MBA, which is a huge milestone for me as I've been in school since 2006.  For the first time in at least 3 years, I spent a week almost completely disconnected from everyone except my brand-new husband, which was great both for the relaxation and to realize that I missed my life at home.  I love my house, even though it's a big falling-down money pit (a bird somehow got inside the house while we were gone?), and we missed our puppies, and our friends, and while it was nice to lay around and read and eat for 6 days, it was also nice to appreciate how lucky I am to be able to swim, bike and run the way I do.  My body isn't perfect but I love it because it is strong and tough and I have never been as happy as I've been these past few years since I finally learned that.  
But I still haven't made that damned spaghetti squash.

Miles run: 67
Pina coladas ingested during vacation: at least 30
Weird cooking experiments that turned out all right: 1
Weird cooking experiments that very definitely did not turn out all right: 1
Panic attacks about student loan payback: 9
Bugs swallowed while riding: 37
Number of things I am not allergic to: 3
Number of days I had scratchy arms after the allergy test: 3

June Goals
Don't try and PR on purpose.  Run for fun.
Have lots of grill parties (who wants to come over?)
Get sucked into 500 mile cycling challenge (sigh). 
Get my tight ass back in a yoga class.
Stop being a baby and go back to the scary hill workout.
Give tempeh one more chance.  But that's it, tempeh, you hear me?

How was your month?  What are your goals for June?


  1. How did the tofu mac & cheese turn out? (saw you tweet). And please invite me over for BBQs and bike rides when I get back from vacation :)

  2. I'll show up for grill parties, invited or not.

    Hill workout and 500 miles -- it's on.

    Finally, May was an awesome month all around. And I predict June will be even better :)

  3. Sounds like a great month for you. I LOVE that picture of you and the pup.
    June goals...
    survive the heat while beginning a marathon training plan for the first time.
    Get a grill and partake in the grilling.
    Have a successful housewarming party.

  4. I can be at your house every night for grilling. Then my pool on weekends. I'll bring baked goods.

  5. I wish I lived close enough to attend these BBQ's....

  6. just catching up on your vacay pics. girl you rocked that bikini :)

  7. I love reading your blog, mostly because you DO make life seem like a pretty awesome adventure. (cheesy, i know)

  8. hahaha, I love the Squash note, I was definitely waiting for a photo of a dinner that someone went unposted or something. Can we have a spaghetti squash party? I still haven't made it either! Unplugging and getting away is so important, I'm so glad you were able to do it! :)

  9. I'm there for the grill outs. Especially if there is that tasty grilled romaine. I'll bring fancy parmesan!

    Also, we are on our 3rd spaghetti squash because it is THAT GOOD. Since your blog post gave me the push to make it, I owe you one. We should have a squash making date. It's EASY!

  10. You had a killer month. So pumped for you. And if you find a good Tempeh recipe, please share. I made it so poorly that I am afraid to try again!

  11. May was an AWESOME month for you!! Congrats on your MBA and 70.3 - phew, I'm tired just thinking about it! :)

  12. This is an amazing month. Congrats on everything. And your puppies are sooo cute. Too bad i am in boston or i would be very much up for a BBQ

  13. I actually thought of you last night when I realized I had a forgotten spaghetti squash in my fridge that was rotten and gross. :( But really, you should make it sometime, it is good and easy! And if I say something is easy to cook, you know that it is because I don't make much! But I would make something tasty for a grill party! :)

  14. It sounds like May was a really productive month for you. Even though you are now out of a training cycle, that doesn't mean June can't be just as fun or make you feel just as accomplished. I think there is a certain level of pride in being able to say, "I trained and I competed, but now its time to back off on it a little and make time for home life." Some people don't realize that that is REALLY hard to do...well, for me it is. :)

    Congrats on getting your MBA! That rocks! I hope you have a fun and relaxing June (and rest of your summer) with your pups and husband. :)

  15. i love your picture with your cute :)

    Also 500 miles will be so awesome

  16. "May was a great month to be alive" - what else can be said after that?! :) You seem so at ease (aside from Student Loan panics...eek), and happy, and strong. I wouldn't be surprised if you passed that 500 mi mark next month, hill workouts n' all!

    Do the tempeh "bacon" (recipe, not the fake bacon stuf)!! you will not be disappointed (I hope...)!

  17. The 70.3 alone makes this month epic. Not to mention a tropical vacation! Let the BBQing begin!!

  18. Congrats on May and I am loving June!

    And, we WILL make that spaghetti squash THIS MONTH. I'll buy it this weekend.


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