random friday facts

1. I hate gift cards.  I have some here and I wish I could just magically turn them into money.

2. I don't like my own handwriting.

3. I wish I knew more about cameras and was a better photographer.

4. I would never put a bumper sticker on my car.

5. I am in love with dark beer right now.  

6. I am neurotic about my electronics being fully charged.  

7. I love reading race reports.

8. All of my diplomas are still inside the envelopes they were mailed to in.

9. I am so afraid of being stranded somewhere without food.  I always have granola bars in my purse.

10. I almost never lose things.  Almost.

11. I prefer writing in blue ink.

12. I've become a mostly-vegetarian, and I am okay with that.  

13. I can't sleep without the weight of the covers on me.  Even in the middle of summer, I can't sleep with just a sheet, I need the weight.

14. I hate to see money wasted.

15. I always look at my junk email before erasing it.

16. I am glad I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life when I was 16.  Most days, I still don't know.

17. I am being pretty lazy right now.  Almost none of my workouts are that hard.  And I'm totally okay with that.  

18. Blue is my favorite color.  Kind of by accident, many rooms in our house are some shade of blue.  I love light blue against dark brown.  Yummy.

19. My bike doesn't really have a home.  Sometimes it's by the front door and sometimes it's at the bottom of the steps in the basement.

20. I usually wash my hands after going to the bathroom.  Not always, though.

Happy Friday, everyone!  What are you up to this weekend?


  1. #13 is reasonable and normal. I crank up the cooling in my room and sleep under a down comforter.

  2. I have several stickers on my car, although none of them are on my bumper, so I must be ok. Ditto on 12 and 20.

  3. Don't you have a sticker on your car?

  4. I love gift cards. And presents. Do you see where I am going with this ...

    Right with you on 10-14 and 20.

    My bedroom. Brown walls with light blue and brown bedding.

  5. Haha, I hate those cards, too! There are several that have been in my wallet for YEARS. I prefer black ink. I don't even own any blue pens.

  6. I always love your RFF's! I hate gift cards, too. I have tons of them and I either don't go to those stores or forget I have them. What a waste.

  7. Dark beer YAY! Also, me too with the granola bars. But you know that with my snack-packing. For my trip to Minneapolis I have: granola bars, protein bars, boxes of raisins, protein powder.

  8. I don't even know where my diplomas are. I'm sure they are still in the envelopes...somewhere.

  9. #18: I also love that color combo.
    #13: Me too.
    #9: So if I ever get lost in the middle of nowhere, it should be with you?

  10. I can't sleep without a blanket either. No matter how hot it is there must be something! It's just wrong otherwise.

    Rumor has it there is a website where you can turn gift cards into cash. Try http://www.plasticjungle.com/

  11. I would be happy to take your gift cards off of your hands if you would like.

  12. I always love your random Friday facts. This weekend I am running 20 miles then hopefuly hiking up a "mountain" in Phoenix.

  13. #1- But with a gift card, that means you have to buy yourself something so you don't feel guilty for spending rather than saving! :-) Thanks for the facts. This actually reminded me that I had a granola bar in my purse I had forgotten about.

  14. You can give me your giftcards. I love them! I'm racing on Sunday so I'm hoping you'll love to read my report next week. And I'm hoping I'll love my race enough to write one. LOL!

  15. Race reports are the best. And ummm...yeah washing my hands is not my strong point.

  16. You actually can turn gift cards into cash... I have done this before ;)

  17. I wont put stickers on my car either!

  18. Photography is my fremesis - I obviously love taking pictures (who doesn't?), but the letters/codes on my camera are a language I feel like I will NEVER understand. Aperature has been defined to me ~20 times, and I have no idea what it means.

    Light Blue on Brown is our bedroom theme! Important information, I know.

    ;) Happy Friday!

  19. i don't like my handwriting at all either, which is odd because both of my parents have very cool handwriting

  20. I don't like my handwriting either. I also prefer blue ink pens and blue is my favorite color too!

  21. wow!!!! we are exactly alike....quirky and neurotic! except for #8....all my diplomas are framed. i just so happen to have a race report from yesterday's tri for your reading enjoyment!

  22. Oh my gosh, I agree with a ton of these, but THIRTEEN the most!! I am crazy about blankets. I HAVE to have one. Must. Always. It sucks when it gets hot in the summer because sometimes I have trouble sleeping when it's hot. When I used to live in the city we had a window AC and that didn't always work so well. I would end up with the comforter just over my shoulder to try and mock the comforter feeling. It sort of did the trick but I still had a hard time sleeping. Too funny:)


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