random friday facts

1. I almost only buy things on sale, but I can never remember to use coupons.

2. I get mad when Facebook suggests friends for me.  Facebook, you don't know me!  Maybe I don't want to be friends with my husband's ex-wife!

3. An old Amazon gift card meant two things yesterday: a) I used up a gift card and b) hot pink shoes are on their way for only $22!

4. I'm really bad about replying to personal email sometimes.  And then I'll get motivated and wipe out my inbox.

5. I hold a grudge.

6. I've been running about 10-15 miles a week.  

7. I'm not sure what I spent money on before triathlon and owning a house.  

8. I have a pair of black running shorts that I bought in 1999 when I started running.  They didn't fit for about 6 years but I kept them anyway.  Now, I wear them almost every day.

9. I have no idea what to do with my basement.  Right now it's an office and the place where old furniture goes to die.

10. I was on the summer swim team for one year (age 7).  I was afraid to dive into the pool so I jumped, and I would hold my nose with one hand and swim with the other.

11. I have an addictive personality.

12. Pilates scares me.  What are all those weird machines?

13. This year, we will let the professionals do the summer haircuts.

14. I hate the noise the metal scrape-y thing makes on my teeth when I'm at the dentist.

15. Last night I ruined dinner and ended up sitting on the steps drinking beer and sucking frosting directly out of the tube.   Stressed and overwhelmed, much?

16. I still wish my thighs were smaller.

17. I really appreciate appropriate use of the word "Bitchin'."

18. There is no possible way the punctuation at the end of that last one is correct.

19. My favorite video game of all time was called, "Pikmin" for the GameCube.  Probably because I got to be the boss of 100 little men.

20. I've cut back to only two breakfasts.

21. My favorite month to be a cyclist is October.

22. Molly thinks a puppy lives inside her water bowl.  Sometimes we walk in the kitchen and she's got both paws and her face in the bowl, trying to get to the puppy.

23. I have never owned a chainsaw.

Leave me a random fact, and have a great weekend!  Pray for my massively underprepared crotch.


  1. This week's list was really good.

    My random fact - I have 4 extra bones in my right foot and 3 extra bones in my left. Yes, I'm a freak.

  2. That FB algorithm is clearly not working right. Exes of exes? No thank you.

  3. I was just considering breakfast number three...but if you have cut back...maybe I should too :-)

  4. Fact: I have no idea why I ever did laundry before I started running. Even allegedly dirty work clothes seem super clean now in comparison to my summer in DC running gear. And pshhh, jeans? I can go weeks without washing those babies.

  5. I did pilated yesterday for the firs time- on the machines! I will be doing a blog post about it next week :)

    and FB friend suggestions are so lame!

  6. I started to read this and then stopped to get coffee. RFF are always better with coffee.

    And thanks for putting the sound of the metal scrape-y in my head. I'm going to be cringing all day...

  7. Your punctuation is correct: period goes inside quotation mark. My random fact: I'm a copy editor.

  8. PINK Shoes = awesome!!!

    #7 I'm right there with you!!! I think I used to spend a lot of money on beer and clothes :)

  9. I am addicted to overstock.com! i buy 5 pairs of sneakers at once when they go on sale!

  10. I love this week's edition. Excellent stuff!

    I never use coupons (lazy) but I refuse to pay full price for basically anything.

    There's nothing better than beer and frosting for dinner. Maybe beer and ice cream (beer floats!)

    Don't forget about elevensies! Even if you've had two breakfasts you can still have elevensies!

    Is there ever a legitmate reason to own a chainsaw? Unless you're planning to make an awful horror movies starring Paris Hilton?

  11. Major score on those Kinvara's!!! Sweet!

    Random Fact: While I thoroughly enjoy folding clothes I do not however care about the actual washing of the clothes and haphazardly wash all my clothes together at once without any regard for their handling instructions. This drives Spike up the wall. Which of course, makes me laugh. :)

  12. #7: RIGHT?!? I can't imagine life without triathlon sucking away all my $.

    #10: Super cute.

    My random fact: I am super judgmental when it comes to bad writing. So goes the life of a writer and editor, I guess.

  13. Bitchin.

    My random fact: I believe all dogs feet smell like fritos. Go smell your dogs when you get home if you don't believe me.

  14. The end punctuation is right, but there shouldn't be a comma right after word. Awezing! Or is that awwwwwwwwwe zing!

  15. my random fact: i'm glad i don't have anything pressing to do this weekend! i need a break.

  16. I get so upset by #14 that there's a note in my file to suggest I put in headphones and crank them up until I can't hear the poor hygienist speak.
    And Fin does that with is water bottle. And his reflection in the oven. He sits and stares at the oven sometimes and it's really funny and sad at the same time.

    My random fact: I can't sleep in the dark if I'm home alone. I have to leave a light or the TV on.

  17. Yes, what DID I spend $ on before I had a house? Oh, that's right, I didn't have any then! House projects are never ending. One project begats another. But it is rewarding. Nice to look back and say, "I did that. I left it better than I found it."

    Facebook. Ugh. I went on a self imposed Facebook hiatus for 6 weeks. Didn't miss a thing. But Inrefuse to give it up because I don't want to be out of the loop!

  18. Haha!! #18 cracked me up! :)

  19. I have running shorts that I am pretty sure I got in high school that I still wear. I don't really want to think about how old they are. Also, I realized yesterday that I was wearing a black GAP skirt I got in 2000. Clearly I am cheap about replacing clothes and will wear them until they are completely worn out.

  20. 1. I LOVE your Friday posts but often miss them.
    2. I pulled lots of chicken poo off an injured chicken yesterday... gross.
    3. I just had my second breakfast and now I'm thinking about a smoothie!

  21. Hooray for pink shoes!
    Random Friday Fact - My two cats are named after vacuum cleaners (Hoover and Bissell). If we got a girl dog, we were going to name her Eureka - because I always wanted to shriek out my back door "Eureka! Eureka!" But alas, we got a boy dog and he has a boring name (Miles).

  22. Great list especially this one:
    18. There is no possible way the punctuation at the end of that last one is correct.

    I have pet peeves over people pluralizing words that are already plural: deer, shrimp, whale....

    It drives me nuts when people say things like:
    'There were only 6 shrimps with my pasta'


  23. Why don't you turn the basement into the ultimate gym? Or a movie den ??!?!? Then I can come over and chillax ;)

  24. You own half a chainsaw - the Poet

  25. " Facebook, you don't know me!" = best line of this whole thing. Fb, step back!

    The Pilates machines are insane, what's wrong with yoga and just stretching, instead?! Geeze.

    Random fact: I am chainsaw certified! Bam. But I don't own one either, and am not sure why anyone ever would.

  26. I love your Friday posts. I, too, have never owned a chainsaw, but now I'm dying to get some pink shoes!


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