Tuesday, June 21, 2011

house projects: downstairs bathroom

Taking another day off from blathering about running....you can check out my first and second house projects posts if you'd like, but essentially, my house is falling down around me and I am working hard to slow that process down.  As always, you can click on any of these pictures to see a much larger version of the mess.

The basement seems to be particularly bad, and it wasn't a priority when I first moved in for two reasons - it was being rented to a friend, and I wanted to get through some projects on the first floor before coming downstairs.  When we moved in, the basement bathroom looked like this:
Yeah.  A good scrubbing took care of most of it, and it got painted the same brown (NOT a good idea, but we had extra paint) as the living room on one of our painting spree weekends, so it was fully functional for a while.  Then, one evening last fall, I smelled mold and this happened.
What we kind of figured out happened was two things - first, the tub needed to be recaulked because water had been seeping into the walls.  But the tub itself was cracked and leaking, and that made the bathroom pretty much unusable.  So I ripped out all the drywall that had been affected with mold, sprayed all the studs with a water/bleach mix (and then was surprised when this ruined the carpet, sigh) and set up a dehumidifier to dry everything out.  And it stayed like that for about 8 months until I could put together the money to have it worked on.  We decided that since we needed to replace the tub and the wall tile, to go ahead and replace the floor tile at the same time since that was in really bad condition as well.  And we decided to rip out some of the carpet by the basement entrance that had been ruined by a water leak and tile that entryway as well.  Here's that entryway when we moved in.
After doing a lot of research, we decided to NOT try and DIY the tub and tile job.  I did take some shots as they worked, though.  Here's the bathroom all ripped out (sorry about the bad pictures, it's pretty tough to take good shots of a small space).
And here's the new wall tile:
The new floor tile:
And the new entryway tile:
(Thanks to Elizabeth for the awesome recommendation, by the way!)  We decided that since we were going to have to paint to touch up the bathroom anyway, to go ahead and repaint the same color as the rest of the basement (lots of leftover paint from that project).  I did several rounds of spackle-wait-sand-spackle-wait-sand before painting - our walls are all in awful shape and I could probably spend a solid month doing nothing but repairing them.
We (and by "we" I mean the poet) replaced the light fixture, the TP holder and the door knob.
The last thing we did was hang up a large picture to cover some of the wall that we couldn't repair (without replacing drywall, anyway) and a new shower curtain. I spent about three days buying and returning mirrors before finally finding one I loved at Home Goods.

So here's the before again...
And the after (yes, I did eventually clean that big smudge off the mirror).
I love how great it looks, but it's made the rest of the basement look completely awful, so that's up next...

Happy Tuesday, everyone!  I'm obsessed with home renovation, so drop me some links if you'd like!


  1. I have bathroom renovation envy. Because mine looks worse than your "before" picture. But in the after picture, I think the walls are the same color as my living/dining room. I love that color.

  2. I know how to change light fixtures! It's my big DIY claim to fame, even though the tall girl usually hides as I do it.

    Bathroom looks awesome!

  3. I'll testify to how awesome it is, seeing as how I used it! Your home improvement projects continue to make me jealous.

  4. Sometimes, I am overwhelmed by how much you do and have to nap after reading your blog. They frown on this at work.
    It looks GREAT!

  5. Its so pretty and shiny and new! I love your projects!

  6. I LOVE IT! I cannot wait to pee there next time I'm in town!

  7. As the apartment dweller I am, I got nothing. Although, you did a great job on your bathroom! Love the mirror you chose.

    Also, I would like to pee there too. If LAPT gets to, then can I?

  8. Love it! You guys are so good with your remodeling. I'm all about that mirror too!!!

  9. I love these house posts - you're a friggin pro! Super cute mirror!

  10. Yay! I am so excited it turned out so well for you!

  11. This looks great! Can't wait to see what you tackle next.

  12. Awesome job! Wow, looks great.

  13. Looks great! We are on the five year plan - every five years we manage to do a big project. Next up? My kitchen. Too bad that's at least five years from now as we are still finishing up the basement.

  14. I love House Projects!!! Your new bathroom looks great

  15. The loo looks lovely! I love house updates...expensive, often time consuming, but so rewarding! I want to have the tiles in our bathroom "reglazed" from baby blue (eh) to white. Not sure if that finish will last though. Hmm...

    Great job!

  16. It does look great! More light blue, love it :)

    I love reading about / watching DIY projects, but the thought of taking them on myself is so daunting. I won't own anything for a looong time...

  17. Gorgeous!! We really want to do our kitchen...but I think that's going ot be an after the thesis is finished project:)

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