weekly wrap + puppy pics!

...in which I learn, yet again, not to taunt the universe.  When will I learn?

Last week was a tough week.  I wished out loud on the blog that maybe this week would be easier.  "Sure!" said the universe.  "Here's your cold back!  Did you miss it?  It's so bad that you'll spend two days in bed!"  So that's what I did.  Yes, haters, I took a rest day.  And then, in an unpredictable move, I TOOK ANOTHER ONE.  THE VERY NEXT DAY.  I'm walking on the wild side.

In the good news column, I took the week completely off from anything that might piss off my pulled intercostal muscle, and it actually seems to be healing.  Ridiculous.  I did go back to yoga on Sunday, but I was really careful the entire class.  I skipped a bunch of spinal twists (how we got here in the first place) and some vinyasas in favor of child's pose.  The Lululemon posse tried to intimidate me into pushing it in some poses, and I said, "No, crazy-matching-all-clothes-including-special-yoga-socks (why?) people, I will lay here with my face in the mat and NO CALORIES WILL BE BURNED."  (UPDATE: my problem is not that anyone is dressed in head-to-toe lulu, as I am definitely often found in head-to-toe Nike or C9 of Target.  My problem is that it is a class of 40 people all wearing the SAME outfit, as if there was a pre-yoga-class field trip to lululemon that I wasn't included in because I don't shower enough.  The end.)  My back was pretty tight afterwards, but after a round of icing and cupcakes, seems to be doing all right.  My PT approved certain upper-body lifting and gave me a few exercises to start strengthening around the pull (I think? or maybe just random torture), so the arms/chest/back lifting you see is really just that.

Since this was a step-up week, my long run was 9 miles, and I rocked the face off of it.  Okay, my legs were heavy and my chest felt tight from my cold and I coughed and snotted all over my favorite Nike half-zip, but I got in the groove and knocked it out, and kept it in my target long run pace window.  My recovery run the next day felt pretty crappy as every joint I have feels all bejankled when I run two days in a row, but I think that's mostly the point of the recovery run.  I also ended up skipping both pool runs this week, one from being sick/snow closing everything and the other from still feeling a bit under the weather and not wanted to spread my germs all over W-L.  Y'all are welcome.  Also, it's probably better because I definitely would've wanted to test out my back by swimming, which is the opposite of leave-it-alone-so-it-will-heal.

I also have started adding more cycling in, because I've really missed having a chafed crotch.  No, really.  With only 7 weeks in between the National Half and the Kinetic Half, I need to be maintaining at least a decent swimming and cycling base through this training cycle.  Getting to the starting line of the National Half is my A goal, and with that in mind, I'll be structuring my weeks that my running workouts are getting priority in terms of recovery and what I do around them.  So (hopefully) from here on out, my Saturdays will include a reverse brick - to prioritize the long run but get in another solid day of cycling.  I'll do my run tempo on Thursdays and a short bike tempo on Fridays - which is how it is laid out in my IM training plan anyhow - and I'll hopefully be able to add Monday/Wednesday swimming back in pretty soon as easy active recovery following the weekend workouts and the track workout.  It's my life, people, I live it, I love it.  Don't try this at home.

Monday: 55 minutes lifting (L), 1:30/25M trainer ride
Tuesday: PT and then home to complain on the internet about how sick I am
Wednesday: Lay in bed and cough weakly when people call, read multiple blogs from start to finish
Thursday: 20 minutes lifting (a/c/b), 52 minutes/5.62 miles, including miserable attempt at 2x2 miles tempo
Friday: 60 minutes lifting (L), 1:20/19M trainer ride, including 30 minutes tempo
Saturday: 1:26/9M long run, 60 minutes/14.7M easy trainer ride
Sunday: 28 minutes/3M recovery run, 75 minutes yoga

Also, for those of you that have government jobs a lot of unstructured free time, I've added a page on the blog collecting all the editions of Random Friday Facts.  If you find duplicates, feel free to gleefully email me to let me know that I suck.

After all of that, we thought it would be the most fun thing ever to take both puppies to the dog park so they could play in 8 inches of melty slush and mud.  Molly finished her vaccines last week so she can go play with other dogs now.
Where are we going?
What is all this?
I'm going to go stomp in the biggest puddle I can find.
I was not doing anything bad.
Can we go swimming please?
I love mud!
Molly, there's mud on your nose.

How was your weekend?  Did you run?  Or play in the mud?


  1. HELLO new blog layout! Reading it Google doesn't do pages justice - oops... ;)

    1) Instead of being offended, as I'm guilty (aside from the socks - mine are Target brand, thankyouverymuch) of the lulu accusation, I found that hilarious. Because it's true - but we Denver-ites don't push people...just sayin. Rock that Child's Pose.

    2)"I coughed and snotted all over my favorite Nike half-zip" - My January health/life is summed up in the sentence. Blech.

  2. How did the car look after the park trip? Great week, especially with the sickness. So happy you're feeling better!

  3. crazy-matching-all-clothes-including-special-yoga-socks (why?) people,


  4. MISS MOLLY! Come snuggle me now please! (PS I stole a picture of her to use on my blog. And will be getting it framed after work.)

    You make me laugh every time. I'm glad yoga didn't kill you on Sunday. Stupid lulu (kidding lulu, I love you) yoga know-nothings pushing you into back-breaking poses.

  5. I get to comment again re: the Lululemon update. Did they give you dirty looks? That usually happens to me when I show up after my bike session in ill-fitting tri shorts and an already sweaty top. Oh, and maybe some not quite shaved legs too.

  6. I love your puppies!
    I was also at yoga surrounded by lululemon folks this weekend, wearing my Nike running clothes. I see the value of spending money on wicking clothes for running, but I think cotton and cheap stuff is fine for yoga. I just don't get it.

  7. I'm late to the party here, but just have to agree that this description:
    "a class of 40 people all wearing the SAME outfit, as if there was a pre-yoga-class field trip to lululemon that I wasn't included in because I don't shower enough."

    Made my life. Thanks for the laugh. And good for you for not drinking the Kool-Aid—erm, doing anything overly strenuous!

  8. hahha, lululemonites are funny, Glad you resisted their pier pressure... I too prefer Nike, and nothing beats Targets champion bras for price! Although, I do have a few things from Lulu, but I hate to sweat in something I spent so much money on! ;) Love the pics of Graham and Molly!

  9. those puppies are just the cutest EVER!

    good for you for taking two days off in a row! i know how hard that is for you, but it is the best thing you could do whilst sick.

  10. I WANT MOLLY!!! GIrl, I am glad you are heeling and yay for more cycling!! Take it easy:) I hear you on the lulu field trip...you are hilarious!

  11. I have found that ice along with buttercream frosting can pretty much cure anything. Or, at least make you not care so much while the cupcake lasts. :0)


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