random friday facts + award

I got tagged by a few people with the Stylish Blogger award.  The point is to share 7 things about yourself, so I'll do that along with the return of random Friday facts!

1. I haven't had cable for most of my adult life.  I couldn't afford it in college, or when I started teaching, and I never really missed it.  I had it for about a year or so when we moved in here, but canceled it when the price went up.  And I don't miss it at all, especially now, the age of iTunes + Hulu + Netflix.

2. I am cheap, frugal, tight, whatever you want to call it.  It's why I don't have cable, why I like eating out less and less, why I am a serial return-er, why I haven't been on a real vacation in over 4 years.  Spending money stresses me out.

3. That said, I don't mind spending it on doing things to make my house better.  Lately I've been reading a lot of DIY home improvement blogs, which I think is a disaster waiting to happen, but I love doing home improvements.  I've also been thinking about doing some "before and after" blog posts on what I've done to my house, but then I remember that I'm here to talk about running, cycling, etc.

4. If I didn't love running so much and crave it for my mental health, I think I would hate it.  It makes my knees hurt, it makes me gag with snot, it's hard, I'm not good at running either fast or long, and the weather is almost never perfect for it.  Wait.  Maybe those are more reasons why I love it?

5. I almost never drink plain water.  I usually line the bottom of a glass with a tiny bit of POM or pink lemonade or whatever, and then fill the rest up with water.  

6. Getting a second dog was really really hard, and it's tough to talk about because everyone thinks puppies are so cute.  But that first month was difficult.  We didn't get a lot of sleep, she had a lot of accidents, and having to watch her every second was stressful.  Plus she had come from a place where there were a lot of dogs around, so she didn't listen to us at all and basically acted like she was raised by a pack of wolves.  It also put a pretty big strain on our relationship.  We actually talked a few times about returning her to the breeder because of how tough it was for us, but now things are finally starting to get easier and I'm glad.  Yesterday Molly spent most of the day on the big squishy chair with Graham, both of them sleeping, and then last night she slept for about half the night on the dog bed with Graham.  I feel like I am able to exhale for the first time since she came home.

7. I almost never use the mouse.  I use keystroke commands as much as possible, and even have a few giant lists of them bookmarked.

I think that most of you guys have done this already because I'm so late to the party, but if not, consider yourself officially tagged (I'm looking at you here, Rudi)!!


  1. I'm totally with you on the ups and downs of a new pup. We had the same thing with Abe, making for some impossibly hard conversations. He's still with us, even with the 1-2x a week accident plan. In the end, we made the right call to keep him. PS - we really need to introduce them!

  2. I call bullshit on not liking to spend money miss tweet pictures of cervelos and felts all day long.

    Not that I'm judging...my bank account is regularly emptied by my addiction to sweating.

  3. I for one would love to see any DIY home project posts.
    Once Leela is healed, we should really take them on a RCP hike together. Leela was so crazy when we adopted her (I remember thinking that I could understand why her old "parents" dropped her off at the humane society), but the weekend park walks would exhaust her and seemed to calm her mentally too. Not that it is the same as puppy craziness, but tired dogs are the best.

  4. I love your number one--you are rare these days! But so much better for it, I'm sure. And puppies are tough--glad you're getting over the hardest part.

  5. #1 - Me too. Actually we got cable installed and Spike was out of town, he came home days later and tried to turn it on and it didn't work. When he called me about it and asked if I had turned it on I said, of course not. :)

    #2 - We were separated at birth I tell you!!! I have a HARD time justifying spending money on anything and I CONSTANTLY return stuff because I feel guilty about having purchased it.

    So glad the puppy situation is going better! She is so cute!

  6. #1- No cable, no TV, a computer is fine for me! There are enough sites that stream live events, keep full episodes up, etc. that a computer is simplicity!

    #2- Once I put myself on the "18 months til debt free" plan it was amazing how "needs" became "wants," and my real "needs" were reduced to: gas/heat, rent, debt-free payments, car gas, and food.

    The result: I know where my food comes from (no garden, but I make 90% of all meals), I've become a far better cook, "heat training" was done in the summer with no a/c, I have more space, I have more time for people I love, I know what's in my home, I'm far happier, and I feel more free!

  7. Sorry about all the trouble adding a pup to the new household. I have never wanted to have more than one dog, as just babysitting another has shown how tough it is having two well-trained dogs, much less going through the puppy stages with one of them. Glad it seems to be working out, she is quite adorable and we already know how adorable Graham is!

    Also, I'm with you, I couldn't stand stopping for the mouse when I first learned the computer so I learned as many shortcuts as I could!! :)

  8. Def do some before and after posts of your DIY projects - who doesn't love that? No one that I want to know.
    And you BET puppies are hard! Wowza. They are basically furry babies. And God makes them so stinking cute because He KNEW they would be so much work and so frustrating! (same reason He gave them round bellies and stinky but sweet puppy breath)


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