week 0

Soooooo....... my 12-week half marathon training plan is going to get adjusted down to 10.  I forgot when I planned it that we'd be on vacation halfway through the first week, and I didn't anticipate taking a week off from running to try and calm my cranky piriformis down - which, as of right now, seems to have worked.  I had a long talk with the Egyptian Magician at PT on Friday morning, and have readjusted my plan based on it.  I'm going to replace the post-long-run recovery run with a pool run for the next few weeks.  I'm going to alternate high and low mileage weeks instead of a 3-week build then step back, and I'm going take the first few weeks of speed work VERY lightly.  All the stretching/foam rolling/tennis balling seems to be calming my butt down, and I don't want to re-irritate it by cranking things up too quickly.  

Now, add that to the part where I seem to have picked up the poet's cold, and I'm making this coming week: 0.  I'm going to make a decision every day about training based on how I feel, and if I don't get in the miles that I want or if I decide on an easy 4-mile run instead of a speed workout, I'm not going to worry about it at all.  I did an an easy-paced 4 miles on Saturday that felt tough on my beer-and-bread heavy body, so I know that taking things easy is the way to go until I've burned off some of the carbs and cleared out the bright green gunk in my head.  

So here's the adjusted plan.  You can click on it to make it bigger.  That will make it easier to see that Friday says, "Cycle/Rest."  
I finally got back on the trainer this week after taking the month of December off completely.  I've only done short (one episode) workouts so far, but the knee isn't bothering me at all.  It's such a strange experience to have injuries that heal!  It's pretty likely I'll take a rest day on Fridays and leave out cycling completely most weeks, but I might tack it on an easier day during the lighter weeks.  I want to try and maintain at least a low level of cycling fitness during the spring months, if for no other reason than to try and avoid the extremely sore butt I'm currently sporting after being off for a month.  I also finally bought the "month unlimited" pass for the yoga studio I like, and went to my first of hopefully many classes yesterday morning.  Warm & stretchy muscles = happy muscles.

Monday: Rest (skiing!)
Tuesday: Rest (skiing!)
Wednesday: 55 minutes lifting (legs), 38 minutes/2000 yard swim
Thursday: 45 minutes/4.5M pool run, 40 minutes lifting (arms/chest/back)
Friday: 65 minutes lifting (L, then at PT), 13 minutes/1.3M walk/run (at PT), 53 minutes/13M cycling (trainer)
Saturday: 37 minutes/4M run, 45 minutes/10.7M cycling (trainer)
Sunday: 75 minutes yoga, 60 minutes/6M pool run, 32 minutes/1500 meter swim


  1. Feel better! These winter cold/sinus things are horrible. We should ban them.

  2. Good girl listening to your body and making adjustments. It's important to be flexible because life happens.

  3. You're being wise--that will keep you out there! Glad the pirformis calmed down, too.

  4. Sounds like you have it dialed in. Smart AND awesome, girl!

  5. Smart, smart, smart! Keep giving your body all the rest it needs—it's better to show up to the starting line 10 percent undertrained than 1 percent overtrained (i.e., injured, or set back weeks rather than days).

  6. I'm approaching my April half the same way...since I am just now starting to build base, I won't do speedwork till February, mileage will stay pretty low. It's just a target to get me back into the routine and not a PR goal (although as my first half it's an auto-PR). I'm practicing slow and steady...gahhhhhh!

  7. boo being sick! I'm really impressed you did all that working out on Sunday with a cold!

  8. Sorry about the cold, you did NOT catch it from me! :) I like your outlook on the training, don't worry about it and don't play a game of catch up. Hope the piri gets worked out, let me know how yoga works, I keep wanting to try it, but just can't manage yet another workout... :)

  9. Wow -- you are so organized. I'm glad the knee isn't hurting.


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