reasons to have dinner with endurance athletes

(Excuse the crappy cell phone pic, I had a bottle of wine in my purse, so no room for a camera.)

1. Showering?  Completely optional.  Although I did have a quick one last night because sweaty post-threshold test bike crotch plus hair that hadn't been washed in, erm, 3? days might have been toe-ing the "good first impression" line.
Who wants to eat sitting across from this?
Wait, we do!

2. You can empty and empty...and EMPTY the breadbasket.
3. The conversation basically goes: races, boys, trainers, injuries, coaches (I mis-typed "crotches" instead of "coaches" when I first wrote that, but pretty sure that was in there as well), boys, pizza, race weight, boys, pacing, speedwork, cheese, beer, long runs, bread, boys.
4. Impressing the waiter by ordering half the menu (large pizza, thanks! oh, make it 2!) and then probably horrifying him by eating it all.
5. You don't need make-up.  Or shiny shoes.  Or dry hair.  Or pants without giant holes in the crotch.  
6. When you demonstrate the noise you make at the end of a 10K, no one is terrified.
7. You can come home from dinner and eat a giant bowl of ice cream and crow about it via social networking.  Guilt?  Bah!

A lovely night with 2 lovely ladies!  

UPDATE: I open Google Reader 10 seconds after posting to discover a near-identical post from Emily.  Next time I'm definitely not showering.


  1. You can go out early and be in bed by 8, and no one thinks you're lame.

  2. @Amy - thats probably the #1 reason runners are awesome to go out with.

    Runners are just the best people anyways. You can't have boundries with people you run with for hours on end.

  3. ha, I read Emily's earlier and def a near identical post! Good Times.

  4. Sooooo true. I don't even need to recap (although I will, when I'm in Boston and can post pictures). Can't wait until we can carbo-load again in April! Buy your plane ticket!

  5. So funny, and true! I wish I had some runner friends to eat with!

  6. HOLY Identical. Well, it's all true. And awesome. And great minds think alike, obviously. I ditto Lauren's comment- buy your plane ticket to Boston! Not that we won't hang out before then when I eat my body weight in your frosting stash.

  7. And - they won't make fun of you if you want to meet at five because you go to bed at 8:30 :)


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