three things thursday

1. Back to complaining about running.  My piriformis has been pissing me off ever since the JATW10K.  My PT doesn't seem all that concerned, but after listing my body parts that are going wrong at my last appointment, he said, "Maybe you should take a day off?" to which I said, "A day off from what?"  Oh.  I see.  So, the last week of the year I ran only very easy miles, and only 12 of them.  AND I walk/ran the NYD 5K, then took the next 4 days completely off.  Effect on my piriformis?  Zip.  So I'm taking the rest of the week off (until I see the E.M. on Friday) from running and will adjust my training plan after we talk.  It doesn't bother me any more while I am running than it does the rest of the time, and it doesn't actually bother me that much, but it's enough to give me pause.  And I'm sure running does not make it happy.  And I am determined to get to the starting line of this half marathon healthy.  So. Help. Me. God.  The training plan I outlined was 12 weeks, and if I cut it down to 11 or 10 or even 8 weeks of training, it will still be enough to finish.  I am refusing to worry.  Okay, that's a lie, I'm harassing the shit out of my running friends worrying, but I'm trying here.

2. It's been a circus full of bad eating and too much drinking over the past week, and I think my body was relieved when I came home last night and had chicken cabobs (red pepper, green pepper, onion) for dinner last night.  And I'm going to start handing out cupcakes on the street, as I have a fridge and freezer full.

3. Being married is weird.  So far, so very good, but also, weird.  I changed my name on facebook yesterday and it just looks very strange.  Who is that person?  No, it's weird.  But I like it.


  1. BEING MARRIED IS WEIRD!! Good idea to take a rest week and I hope your piriformis gets better ASAP!!

  2. Look. Make cake balls. Freeze them in tupperware. Pull them out when you need a sugar shock. Or...give them away. I would probably do the same thing. :-)

    PS - DON'T THROW AWAY THE CUPCAKE YOUR MOM FROZE. You know she'll ask about it next year.

  3. If I had known you were going to have leftover cupcakes, I would have eaten more than 2!

  4. Gotta get that pirformis to cooperate! You don't deserve another injury. Smart move on the days off, as much as it sucks.

  5. i'll totally take some cupcakes off your hands!

    i hope the pirformis calms down...

    i'm still just so thrilled for you being married. yes, it's weird...but most things are at first anyway...

  6. My piriformis has bothered me for 3 years now. I tried not running, etc. The only thing that helps it is really good stretching and strength training.

  7. Man, being married is hard work! But it's also very rewarding. Mind you, I had never co-habited with a partner before getting married, so I had double the shock.


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