I need sleep

I'm super cranky today.  I had a great tempo run last night, came home to an evening of Thai food and TV, and then was woken up an hour after going to sleep by a sick one of these:
The vet seems to think she probably just ate too much grass or too many sticks, but we took her over for an exam anyway because she's had the grumbly tummy quite a few times over the past 3 weeks.  One pretty gross exam later, we have some antibiotics to reset her intestines and have to cook her chicken for a few days.  And now we are both walking around like cranky sleep-deprived zombies.  It took me 3 times as long as it should have to write this post because I kept writing the wrong words.  Today I'm taking the "rest" option on my half marathon training plan.  Is it 7:00?  Can I go to bed yet? 


  1. I HATE sleep deprivation! What we'll do for our furry friends!

  2. uh oh! i hope you get some good quality sleep this weekend. and i hope the little ones gets to feeling better!

  3. Welcome to my world. I've been sleep deprived for more than 9 years. ;o)

    I'm on the verge of signing up for National half, but you'd leave me in the dust...

  4. wow, just found your blog and it is SO motivating. I signed up for my very first sprint triathlon and am terrified...lets hope I finish in one piece??!!
    New follower, I'll need your daily motivation!!!


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