three things thursday

1. The ouchie butt pain I felt on Sunday, both pre- and post-race, is still around.  I think I might have bruised something when I ate sidewalk last week, but it feels like the top end of my IT band is yanking on my glute pretty hard.  It feels good to stretch and it's definitely a little better each day, but something is kinda sorta of not right.  I'm in to see the Egyptian Magician tomorrow, so hopefully it's just a tiny sore place that he can beat to death and it will then go away.  

2. I keep telling myself that I know that I'm a badass, therefore, I don't need to go outside and run in the cold to prove it.  Dear Self, you are being a giant wimp.  GO OUTSIDE.  Two years ago I spent most of the winter shaming someone else into running outside ("It's not that cold!" "It's not snowing that hard!" "We'll only do eight ten miles!").  Folks, bring on the shame.  

3. I bought a mint chocolate candle yesterday.  It makes my life better.


  1. 1. I hope he can do the trick--you don't deserve any more down time! 2. Get outside! 3. That would be awesome!

  2. Put on your big girl insulated running pants and go outside!!!

  3. Not you too with the butt?!? Seriously, it's the most important yet the most annoying muscle EVER.

  4. I would shame you, but I think I might do the treadmill today myself.
    Hope your ass feels better!

  5. You have a pain in the ass - literally! LOL! Good luck with the magic man!
    I'm the pansy - it's only in the 40's and I keep putting my runs off until the afternoon when it's warmer - so go ahead, hang with the dreadmill!
    Have a good Thursday sista'!

  6. SHAME!!! What, did you sit around drinking wine and eating cheese instead? :)


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