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So.  The verdict of the Egyptian Magician is that I ramped up the intensity a tiny bit too much over the past two weeks, which has pissed off my piriformis (Latin for "pear-shaped" - thanks a lot).  Anyhow, a few elbow-to-the-butt beatings, some stretching, and some time riding the baseball should leave me good as new.  In thinking about it, I did ramp it up a bit too quickly.  My mileage did not increase, but I dropped out some of the walking.  The week before the 10K, I went from walk 2 run 8 to walk 2 run 20, and there was a 3-mile run and a 2-mile run without any walking at all.  That plus the all-out effort in the 10K has resulted in a pain in my ass.  So I'm going back to the walk/run for the next few weeks - which I had actually done anyhow.  This morning I did walk 2 run 10, and while my legs still feel heavy from the 10K, everything else felt decent.  

I also finally got back in the pool this morning for some pool running with Amy, although my legs were trashed after a combined gym TM + PT running total of 8.5 miles PLUS a PT beating.  However, I took it very slow and easy in the pool, and actually felt better when I got out than when I got in.  

And finally, my IT band has been quiet as a mouse.  The scar is still lumpy and gets destroyed at PT (ow), but feels fine while running.  I do believe that it is causing my tight hip flexor issues, but I can run.  I am running, and it doesn't bother me at all.  Which is a reassurance for me - as if I still needed it - that surgery was absolutely the right call for me.  Let there be peace.


  1. you?? ramp it up too quickly?? I dont believe it :)

  2. Egyptian Magician... thats funny. Great post. Love your blog. Peaceful IT bands are wonderful.

    Everything being properly aligned and BEING ABLE to ramp it up too quickly is a great thing.

  3. Glad to hear the IT band isn't unhappy. I'm thinking I may be doing the run/walk thing soon if I want to actually get outside again...

  4. Three cheers for running and healthy IT Bands!

    Can't wait for our first TRAIL RUN together!


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