random friday facts

1. I almost never answer the phone.

2. I haven't eaten meat for about three weeks now (thanks to the poet for correcting my grammar).

3.  ....but still haven't managed to start the dairy-free experiment.  Is vegan cheese any good or is it just pretentious like the little seeds?  Does it defeat the purpose of the experiment?  Lie to me, please.

4. I've changed my mind about one of my fall races.  Don't worry, it didn't cost anything.

5. I think my resume sucks, and I'm terrible about writing cover letters.  You know what I'd be good at?  Let me tell you everything I am bad at, professionally.

6. I can burp on command.

7. We go through quite a bit of Powerade Zero in this house.

8. I have never done an olympic-distance triathlon all at once.  I've raced each of the legs.

9. I finally picked up my new contacts this week.  My right eye is a million times happier.

10. The muscle on the outside of your upper arm?  Mine is really big, I assume from swimming.  I think it's weird.

11. About 90% of my house is some combination of brown and light blue.

12. I'm not sure I've ever had an iPhone case that I've really loved.

13. I never get the rules right about which numbers you type as numbers and which ones you spell out.  18?  Eleven?  I don't know.

14. I know that I'm extra tired when my swim takes as long as the "planned time" in Training Peaks.

15. I pretty seriously OD'd on cheese last night.  Today might actually be the day.

16. You guys had some pretty strong opinions on Oreos last week.  Let me explain it to you.  Buy a package of Double Stuf, take off one cookie and throw it away, now you have the perfect Oreo.

17. After my last post, the poet made sure to track me down and let me know that he will never care about my watts (if I ever have watts).

18. My mom gave me a pack of running socks that have R and L on them.  I almost never get it right.

19. I don't drink juice.

20. Another week filled with food facts tells me I must be starving.

21. I am sadly overdue for a bikini wax.  Mostly because I haven't had enough days in a row away from the bike seat.

22. I have never been able to keep a plant alive.  Even our rhododendrons died.

23. When cars are rude to me on a bike, I make sure to yell "I'm following the law and you are not!" after them, even though they probably can't hear me and it's not doing any good.

24. I've been procrastinating a very short run for almost an hour while thinking up extra facts.  Time to go.

Happy Friday, everyone!  Tell me random things about you that I can steal for next week.


  1. You are absolutely correct about the perfect Oreo. I always always put my right shoe on first. Not sure why, but after 31 years I'm not likely to change now.

  2. I RFFed this week.
    I think I'm going to make sweet potato tacos for lunch today.

  3. One to ten are words, 11 forward are numbers unless you're writing something like "Fifty times I've told you that vegan cheese is a slight against nature!"

  4. #3 - Vegan cheese is gooey when melted but that is really the only thing good about it. It tastes very processed to me. Sorry. :( #18 - My CEP compression socks have R and L too. Those suckers are hard to get on...several times I have put them on the wrong foot. Random Friday Fun Fact About Me: I prefer drinking room temperature water over cold water and never ice water. I am forced to drink cold water today...and I am FREEZING! (Poor planning)

  5. So I have to admit cheese is probably the only reason I am not vegan. The vegan cheeses that are good are so expensive. To be honest if you are going to try a vegan experiment using things like nutritional yeast might be a better way to get the effect you're looking for. But no none of it will melt like real cheese.

    13. drives me crazy and I even have a guide book that tells me which way it should be!

  6. yea I won't give up milk or cheese either. or eggs. I still eat eggs every day but I could give that up if I ever saw a reason to do so.

    a random fact? I try to be as paperless as possible.

  7. You should totally do an Oly tri! It's one of the best distances, I think - really fun!

    I have a custom iphone case from Zazzle with my dogs' photos on it! Highly recommend :) http://www.zazzle.com/custom/cases/iphone/iphone4/casemate/vibe

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  9. At my first newspaper job, our editor made us study the AP Style Manual, and tested us on chapters weekly. I'm the valedictorian of AP Style, which is how I know that your write out numbers one-ten, and use numerals for everything else, unless the number starts a sentence, in which case you spell it out. I'm hoping this knowledge gets me a job this month. Have a great weekend!

  10. I had mint oreos last night, and I am a significantly happier person today because of it. And they're not double stuf, but the "stuf" seems thicker than normal single stuf, so, I'll take it.

  11. There are certain food that I loved as a child and hate now. Watermelon and American cheese being two of them.

  12. I love your facts!

    Don't give up cheese. Ever!

    It's harder than I would expect thinking up random facts.

    I've attended Friday weddings two weeks in a row now, including today. This one was at 10am.

    I drink a can of diet coke at work at 4pm every single day.

    I need new shoes. Non-runners. I have not bought non-running shoes in years.

  13. I hope you had a lovely run.

    P.S. You write out numbers one through ten. Everything after that is digits. (My degree is in journalism so this is one thing I retained. I don't always follow it though.)

  14. Haha I hate the R and L on the socks! All of mine have them and I try to abide by the rules but sometimes I just throw caution to the wind and wear two Ls or a R on the L foot.

    I've found dairy is much harder to give up than meat. I don't really crave meat but dairy is in everything they serve at any type of social event and it's extremely hard to avoid!

  15. I drink black hot coffee but add milk and sweetener to iced coffee - which I am currently addicted to.

  16. #13 - There are rules about writing down numbers? why??

    #1 - if I don't recognize the name on the caller ID, I don't pick up the phone - ever.

    Giving up cheese is like giving up your child - trust me.

  17. Ugh, don't eat vegan cheese. Bleh.

    Also, @Kimra, mint oreos exist? BRB, going to store...

  18. I honestly feel like I can relate to 90% of these. I hate talking on the phone personally too...I also had no idea socks needed different sides. I personally just throw mine on. Guess I learned something new today! LOL

  19. I hate answering the phone. Even at work, I don't pick up unless I know who it is. It's hard to keep plants alive. I actually have a plant right now that is 7 months, which is a PR!

  20. daiya shredded vegan cheese. it actually melts. and tastes kind of like cheese. it's as good as it gets in the non-dairy cheese department. i make quesadillas with that and corn tortillas at least once a day:)

  21. #12 - I gave up, went naked. And love it!

  22. Vegan cheese is an abomination against nature.
    I have one of you old iPhone cases and I love it! ;0)

    Random food fact: I rode 100 miles yesterday, haven't eaten in over 24 hours and just now decided that the perfect way to refuel would be with chocolate chip cookies.

    Lots of them!

    I'm so good at this nutrition thing. Clearly.

  23. When you get that miracle pill or whatever to keep plants alive please share it. I need it.


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