one last hurrah

All of my grandparents are still alive, which is pretty amazing.  I'm lucky to have all this family still around.
Several of them have birthdays in the early part of August, so the poet and I decided to take our barking squirming family on the road up to PA for a itty-bitty vacation before I hunker down into my new job and he hunkers down into the school year.  In case you are wondering, the weather there isn't any better than the weather in DC, although maybe slightly cooler overnight, but generally just as rude.  
Since I declared August 1 my official return to training, that meant that I needed to pack all of my swim/bike/run paraphernalia along with our piles of puppy.  While traveling, I managed to fit in a MAF test at the track of my old high school (which is now turf and rubber instead of grass and gravel):
MAF tests in the heat and humidity have not gotten any more fun since June, in case anyone is wondering.  I also met up with some great girls to do a fun and chatty longish ride with only one major mechanical and one crash that was totally my fault (I tried to photoshop my SOAS kit on me in this picture but it didn't work, sigh):
And I managed to squeeze in the better part of my scheduled swim and a run with my mom for the first time in my life.  She started running about a year ago and has finally gotten off the treadmill and headed outside, which meant we could do a little chatting as we trotted around the trail by our house.
Trying to fit in a normal schedule of swimming, biking and running around spending time with family and all the events that come along with that was definitely challenging.  We did manage to sneak down the shore for a day to pile more pizza-eating and beer-drinking into the weekend, and I got to spend time getting smashed with some friends I haven't seen in several years (posting this picture is going to make my phone ring, I am certain).
I'm not sure how much relaxing actually got done in the end, but we stuffed as much fun as we could into a few days and now I'm more than ready to get my life back on a normal track.  Before we left PA, I went to a magical place called "Produce Junction" with my mom.  $31 bought us all of this:
Which meant that I made this for dinner last night (peppers stuffed with beans, green chiles, quinoa and other delicious):
But I need some suggestions on what to do with the rest of it, which includes eggplants, 5lbs of spinach, red and sweet potatoes, and the biggest brussels sprouts I have ever seen in my life.

We were glad to go and visit but like always, we're glad to be home, except for maybe Graham, who got a lesson from my dad about how to really kill squirrels.
Goals for this week: don't let any produce go bad and complete all my scheduled workouts instead of just "capturing the spirit" of the session.  How was your weekend?  What should I cook?!


  1. OMG! Your Grandma=Adorbs! So cute!

  2. Great pictures! And love seeing Graham :) My weekend was pretty great; I ran my very first 5k! Baby steps!

  3. That looks like so much fun. I can certainly relate with trying to fit high mileage running and hanging out with family. It is hard work! Nice weekend and your family is adorable. I wish I was closer to my living grandparents.

  4. -- if you don't own garam masala, look up how to make a mix of it yourself (it's used in most curry type recipes, but can be replicated). also, look up other baingan bharta recipes and make a mish-mosh of whatever sounds the best to you. it's amazing.

    also, look up that white asparagus online. i think you're suppose to peel away the outer layer before you cook it.

  5. Your grandma is the cutest lady ever!

    And look at you in your purty dress! I love it.

    I am of no use on the cooking vegetables. I usually still that ish from you. Feel free to share what recipes you receive back with the rest of the class por favor.

  6. No recipe suggestions, but I am happy to serve as a taste tester, should you need one!

  7. That pepper looks fantastic! Mmm, producey.

  8. You are so lucky to have all your grandparents around enjoy it as much as possible! I miss mine every day! I like to cut fresh brussels in half drizzle with olive oil, salt, pepper and roast for about 20 in the oven simple yet delish!

  9. Your grandmom is adorable! It was fun meeting the pups and riding - definitely let us know if you are back in town again!

  10. Do you like chickpeas? If so: dump eggplant cubes, chopped onion, can of chickpeas into roasting pan with olive oil/curry powder/ginger/garlic. Roast until it's roasted. Once it's roasted, stir in chopped spinach till it's wilted. Eat forever.

    Love that the puppies got to see their grandparents and great-grandparents!

  11. Is it weird that I noticed you weren't wearing shoes while your bike companions were? Must be an Ironman-instead-of-SOAS thing...

    I'm intrigued by Kimra's roasting suggestion (partly because it sounds easy).

  12. Wow! What an awesome trip. My mom is pool running I am hoping to get her on land in the next year! I laughed at your high school track comment "used to be gravel and grass - now turf and rubber" That is the same as my high school. How miserable is it to run on gravel? No kidding why I hated gym class and running on the track growing up. I think my track memories would be so much better and I may have stuck with it if it didn't involve memories of falling, having cinders pulled out of my knees and hands in elementary school while running the mile. Ha.

  13. So great to meet you and the puppies and Thom, Thanks again for showing us around! I'm pretty boring with my veggies, mainly just roasting/sauteeing/grilling. Always turns out well, and I spruce it up with sriracha and/or hummus if I want another layer of flavor. I love cheap, quality produce!

  14. Bwhahaha, "capturing the spirit of the session" I feel like I've been doing that alot lately. And embellishing the spirit with dashes of frosting and chocolate chips. I'm so screwed when it comes to my next race, boooooo. Your grandma is so cute - I just saw my grandma a few weeks ago when I was on Cape Cod, she just entered the 21st century and got a cell phone but I don't think she will ever get a computer.

  15. 5 lbs of Spinach?! Geeze. Maybe slice up some of that eggplant, saute and add spinach at the last minute (since it cooks in approximately two seconds) and put that over pasta with marinara? Or quinoa. Or, whatever else sounds good... ;)

  16. Replies
    1. yup, I made a late turning call and the girls behind me got tangled up. my bad.

  17. I'm late to this party but I made something with eggplant that I just need to share. I have never really liked eggplant but got one from my CSA and was determined to like it this year. I put it on the grill whole & plain and let it blacken/sink in on itself for 20-30 minutes while turning it every few minutes. I took it off, let it cool a bit, took the skin off (it came off really easily) and mashed it with a fork into a bowl. Then I added some minced garlic, salt, pepper, olive oil, and diced tomato. Serve over a baguette or grilled flat bread (I grilled up some left over pizza dough on the grill).


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