july: a month to be merry

Due to the wild and crazy roller-coaster of insanity that was the end of June, I never recapped the month and set goals for July.  The horror.  I’m going to briefly check back in with June....

June Goals
More outdoor swimming.  Check, at least until the OTP became consistently over 90┬║ and my swim caps started exploding from my boiling brain.
Now that the peak block is over, get back in the weight room.  Once, but then Sonja put the kibbosh on it during taper and I happily agreed.
Continue to steer clear of all things that cause IM anxiety (people, places, online training calculators, etc.).  Except for one last round of stress immediately before the race, I had a pretty anxiety-free taper.
Make plans for July that include the words “beach” and “margarita” and “grill” and “drunk” and NOT the world “bike” or “train” or “heart rate.”  As this posts, I am halfway to the beach.  Yes, it’s August, not July.  No, I don’t care.
Enjoy every single damp sweaty sticky second of race day.  Let’s not talk about race day again, shall we?

If I had set July goals, they would have looked something like this:
Spend two entire days eating nothing but Double Stuf Oreos (check).
Work through at least three pretty serious hangovers (check).
Stay up past 8pm and sleep until waking (check).
Figure out the rest of the year of racing, at least roughly (roughly, check).
Make lots of dates with lots of friends to eat, drink, and be freakin' merry (check).
Have donuts for breakfast on the regular.

I usually kick off my monthly recap posts by talking a little bit about where my swim, bike and run stands.  Here’s where it stands: I spent the month doing a little bit of all of it, none quickly or long.  My cranky hamstring lingered a few weeks after ironman, and I spent about a week complaining about it before I decided to actually DO anything about it.  But two days of icing and stretching coupled with getting back into the weight rooms seems to have calmed it back down pretty well (surprise).  In general, I’m happy with the amount of time I’ve taken away from training, and I feel pretty sluggish in all three sports right now.  I’m looking forward to getting back in the swing of training in the month of August.  

As for life outside of triathlon, I certainly feel like mine has been discussed on the internet enough times that I don’t need to repeat any of it.  We will continue to let gratitude for the assistance we received to keep Graham alive triumph over all other things.  I refuse to allow the rude and inappropriate comments tarnish the generosity that we have seen from so many.  Everyone is entitled to their own opinion on any subject that they choose to waste energy becoming enraged about - and I certainly have my own opinions about all the things I have seen and heard and read in the past month.  However, rather than waste my own energy by getting all worked up about it, I am making a choice to instead focus on being thankful.  As they say, those who matter don’t mind.  And here's what actually matters.
My attitude about racing for the rest of the year, at this point, is a bit more relaxed than it was going into ironman.  I’m still going to make sure I’m getting in quality sessions and emphasizing the importance of recovery, nutrition, etc.  However, I’m also going to make spending time with my friends and my family a bit more of a priority than it was during my build up to ironman, and if my races suffer because I have a couple of beers one night and don’t always eat perfectly every day, I’m okay with that.  It’s not like I’m setting the world of triathlon on fire in the first place, and I think I could do with a nice strong dose of relaxed balance.  Like I’ve pointed out so many times before, this is not my job.  It’s merely a hobby that makes me extremely happy.  And I certainly think that my life right now could use a little extra spoonful of things that make me happy.

Miles run: 29.16 (yeahhhh buddy)
Rest days: 8
Hangovers: 4
Dollars spent on race registrations: $15
Runs or swims long enough to require calories: 0
Rides done without the company of friends: 0
Best friends seen for the first time in a year: 1
Mornings I turned off the alarm and chose another rest day: 8
Mornings I got up but instead ate pancakes for breakfast and then got back in bed: 4

Diligently follow whatever crazy regimen of medicine is handed down from the breathing doctor.  Do not neglect the nasal spray just because it’s weird and gross.
It’s time to do some more cooking experiments.
Do not get sucked into end-of-summer swimsuit sales.
Do not become addicted to expensive running shorts.
Spend more time with the 3D people in your life and less time worrying about the 2D people that live inside the laptop.
Do not buy any more nutrition until the cabinet is EMPTY.

What are your goals for August?  Any big races coming up?  Did you completely blow off July like I did?


  1. Haaa I totally get sucked into the swimsuit sales! Then by next year I don't like it anymore!

  2. Yea the recovery month after ironman is always a fun time. Lots of rest and pancakes sounds like a blast.

  3. My first triathlon is over and I can finally call myself a triathlete, wheee! So July was pretty awesome, yeah. Especially when you follow it with 10 days in the wilderness (leaving in a tent, that is) and see beautiful scenery daily and sleep on the beach and walk around barefoot and swim in a big lake and run away from bears. The only thing that missed was the beer and the campfires (total fire ban, boo). Not making any plans yet, but trying to figure out where to go from here triathlon wise.

  4. Good idea to focus on what matters. :) I'll never tire of that picture of all your puppies!
    I have a half marathon at the end of this month. Still praying that the weather will not be hot/humid on race day but I doubt that will happen. In the mean time, I can't wait for beach trips! One next week and one for the half marathon.
    Enjoy your beach time!

  5. Love your "Mornings I got up but instead ate pancakes for breakfast and then got back in bed" I should try that!

  6. DO NOT BUY ALL THE SUITS! And don't let me buy any either.

  7. Let's just buy all the suits and ignore Allison's comment above mkay?

    Glad I could help in a small way on those July goals. All things oreo and donut are highly recommended.

    Which expensive running shorts are you getting addicted to pray tell? (I may need them too.)

    Tell the pups hi for me.

  8. I'm a new reader of your blog and must say... your perspective is so refreshing and honest :)

    My August will be a bit more low key, as my July involved completing my first Olympic and 70.3 races. Big congrats on your Iron[wo]man!

    And, I'm already addicted to expensive running shorts... bah!

  9. "Diligently follow whatever crazy regimen of medicine is handed down from the breathing doctor. Do not neglect the nasal spray just because it’s weird and gross."


  10. "end-of-summer swimsuit sales" prompted a, like, Pavlovian response in which my fingers somehow navigated me to SwimOutlet before I even knew what was happening.

  11. Yay for "best friends seen for the first time in a year"! Also, how about sooner next time?

  12. I think I need to do an Ironman just so I can have a month of recovery. Oh wait, I pretty much behaved just like you in July without having to do all the work you did. Hmm, win for me?

    August is likely to be me more of the same. Training life begins again in September.

    We should have a beer before then...

    1. Let's do it! Except maybe not this week, I need some time off from beer.

  13. Sounds like much more good than less-good and so glad you are able to focus on that! Have fun at the BEACH! More donuts!

  14. Great picture of the three dogs! And yes be thankful and ignore ridiculously ignorant comments.


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