random friday facts

1. I love oranges, but I almost never eat them because I hate my fingernails being orange all day from peeling.

2. I don't like soft-serve ice cream all that much.

3. I only learned recently that riding with people that have poor cycling manners makes me really nervous.

4. There are always bananas in our house.  

5. I must be starving due to all the random food facts.

6. I've had the part of the "Some Nights" song stuck in my head the past few days...the part that goes, "What do I stand for/what do I stand for/Most nights I don't know."

7. I'm reading the Stephanie Plum books for the 10th time.  Team Morelli.

8. The major difference between half-IM and IM training is the amount of times per week I want to throw my bike in the bushes.  

9. I'm getting ready to kick off my dairy-free experiment, and by "getting ready," I mean every day I declare, "I'm starting tomorrow!"

10. I have Yuengling porter and Bud Lite Lime in my fridge.  I think they're fighting.

11. I'm considering eating my "I will never do a marathon without a 6-hour warm-up on the bike first" words.

12. Still haven't managed to bring enough food to get through a workday, but I'm getting closer.

13. A twitter conversation about 80s music yesterday prompted me to fill my shuffle with all my favorites.  And this is embarrassing, but I love, in no particular order: The Eagles, Chicago, Huey Lewis, James Taylor, Billy Joel, George Thoroughgood, Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins, The Doobie Brothers, Journey, Genesis.  I love all of it.  Too bad my shuffle malfunctioned so I couldn't listen to any of it.

14. If I could crate-train humans like we do to our puppies I would be much more open to considering one.  They can't hurt themselves in there!

15. I need to find a Produce Junction-like place in Alexandria, where I can buy 2 weeks of produce for $30.  Ideas?  I miss having 5lbs of spinach and 15lbs of sweet potatoes in my fridge at all times.

16. Double Stuf Oreos would be perfect if there was only one cookie attached to the cream.

17. Yeah, must be starving.  The pancakes (GF, almonds, blueberries) haven't sunk in quite yet.

18. I've added chia seeds to my diet.  So far I haven't noticed a difference other than I feel pretentious when I drink my smoothies.

19. I have a bunion on my right foot and my gorgeous shiny red tri shoes have been irritating it lately. Rude.

20. I bought a new pair of running shorts that are quite a bit shorter than the two pairs I've been running in for years.  Still not used to it.

21.  I've been listening to a serious amount of James Taylor over the past two weeks (that's two facts with JT, whew).

22. My favorite Splish suit has turned into a parachute.  The saddest.

23. I'm about a year overdue for a real haircut.

Happy Friday, friends!  Drop me some random shit about you.  Make it entertaining, please, no, "I eat celery every day" garbage.


  1. I hate celery. I can't even stand the smell of it. Also, I like the cookie part of Oreos best, not the cream part, and yet I will only eat Double Stuf. I don't know.

    Also, I am new to cycling, and I FEAR I HAVE POOR CYCLING MANNERS. Tell me what to do. Tell me what not to do. How do I wear my hair? What do you do if there's inclement weather?

    That last part was a quote from "Step Brothers." If there is inclement weather, I stay the F in bed.

    But really. Instead of getting a haircut, write a post about cycling manners so I can have good ones. (Because you writing a post specifically for me is a more realistic request than just Googling it.)

  2. My youngest agrees with you on #16 except she'd prefer triple stuff and no cookie.

    1. I'm onboard w/ this plan.. The cookie is simply a vehicle to get to the "stuffing" in an Oreo!

  3. I love all the 80s music. All. If I could find a techno version of all Peter Gabriel or Phil Collins, I'd run to it.

  4. Bud Lite Lime? BUD LIGHT LIME? Oh, Katie.

    I love old Wham! and George Michael. I even run to it.

    You double stuf people are just wrong. There, I said it.

  5. I have also been walking around with the, "What do I stand for?" lyric stuck in my head. Love that song. The lead singer looks NOTHING like what I thought he would.

    Parachute suits are so sad.

    I prefer the cookie part of Oreos. I hope they come out with 'half cream' Oreos someday.

    I just found your blog this week. I, too, try to eat ice cream every day.

  6. I don't ever eat oranges for the same reason! Ugh, it's so annoying. #firstworldproblems

    As for short-shorts, I still can't bring myself to wear my shortest shorts racing. I did one time, two years ago and they just kept riding up so I just can't do it!

    I have been obsessively drinking cocoa lately, no clue why.

    Beer is gross.

    I've got nothing. I guess I'm not random enough today.

  7. Now you're making me hungry! Please do tell after your dairy-free experiment...

    I'm a lick-the-icing, refill with peanut butter, dunk in milk kind of person -- though I can't remember the last time I had oreos - sad state of affairs...

  8. #1 - Slice the orange and eat it off the peel! #18 - I have been adding Chia to my yogurt. They just get stuck in my teeth. I don't see any difference either.

    Happy Friday, Katie!

  9. I'm not sure if we can still be friends after the soft serve comment.. It's the way to my heart.

    All 80's music is fantabulous

    I won't eat an orange for the same reason. Can't deal w/ orange hands/nasty fingernails.

    Happy Friday lady!

  10. Our fridge contains Coors Lite (my husband's beverage of choice) and some random gluten free beer that I haven't touched in months but have because if I wanted a beer at least I could have one. We leave for Canada in a day and a half so...there's really not much more in there.

    I could eat just cupcake tops, without the bottoms. The bottoms are like the vegetables you have to get through to eat your dessert. Unless they are Hohos, then they are filled with all that yummy creamy stuff and they are OK.

    I too am starving. Feed me.

    1. Last time I went to Philly, you could buy just muffin tops. That was the only place where I saw those. Of course, I had to eat twice as many.

  11. Yeungling is one of my favorite beers, and it's sadly unavailable on the W. Coast except for in one sketchy pizza place, where it costs $8 a bottle. I'm pretty sure one of their employees just packs a suitcase full on trips east. Now I'd like a beer, please.

  12. Re: "I've added chia seeds to my diet. So far I haven't noticed a difference other than I feel pretentious when I drink my smoothies." ... I brought some baked goods loaded with chia seeds to a camping trip with a bunch of runner-friends. The chia-stocked muffins tasted great, but left us with no additional energy whatsoever. We went back to what we all agreed was the REAL energy food: unpretentious peanut butter. Yummm!

  13. On my long runs, my playlist is all Gospel music.....

  14. If only oranges were as easy to peel as clementines the world would be a better place.

  15. it's not celery (because celery is GROSS) but i totally could eat a sandwich everyday. on wednesday i had two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, for different meals.

    other random fact: i'm sitting at the end of a finish line chute as i type this. hurray triathlons!

  16. "18. I've added chia seeds to my diet. So far I haven't noticed a difference other than I feel pretentious when I drink my smoothies."

    Hahaha, I just started using chia seeds in my smoothie this week and this was exactly how I felt.

    b.t.dubs, been reading for about a month now and love it.

  17. RF - I plan to convince you to run the Surf City Marathon.

    RF - I am judging you for drinking Bud Light.

    That is all :)

  18. I've seen JT several times in concert. Love him.

  19. #13...Hall and Oates.

    Maneater is my racing theme song.

  20. Chia seeds just get stuck in my teeth.

  21. #18 - are they slimy? I'm scared they're slimy.

    #20 - I just did this too, and it takes quite a bit of self-coaxing to get myself out of the house wearing them. And they're not even THAT short!

  22. I don't care for oranges because after I peel them somehow I always cut my finger and it burns me more then the power of 1000 suns.

  23. Doobie Brothers!!!! Awesome long run music. I hate soft serve too, blech. My random: I have 3 nipples. Like Chandler.

  24. Ps, thanks for not having word ver :-)

  25. "18." If only more people realized they're mostly* just buying "pretentious" smoothie & oatmeal add-ins... (*imo)

    I've kept a basil plant alive for almost one month now. BIG NEWS in our apartment...

  26. #11- YES!
    some nights has been my favorite song of the week now for like 4 weeks. and i only like celery if its loaded with peanut butter or biscoff spread.

  27. Have you ever tried the soft serve ice cream in upstate NY?

    1. If by soft serve you mean frozen custard, the YES! You must try Abbott's frozen custard ;)

  28. I love James Taylor. And you are discriminating against types of ice cream?! Blasphemy!

  29. Helpful hint on this: 1. I love oranges, but I almost never eat them because I hate my fingernails being orange all day from peeling.

    Take a knife and cut the circumference twice so you have 4 sections and then just peel from the top to the bottom and you won't have orange in your fingernails.

    I learned this the hardway b/c like you I hated that orange feeling inside my nails and then I hate smelling like oranges all day so I wash my hands after peeling and then again after eating them.

    You do realize that in this Random Food Facts the author you are reading is named Plum.....

  30. I love the Stephanie Plum books (I read them twice, which for me, says a lot.. slowest reader ever). Did you see the movie? If so, what were your thoughts?

  31. I'm kinda hungry now. Thanks. :)


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