four things friday

1. After the unmitigated disaster of last week, I feel like I should get a big gold star for the past four days.  Not only have I completed every minute of each workout I've had scheduled, I have captured the living shit out of the spirit of the session.  I was patting myself on the back last night about it and then realized that until my life went off a cliff and deep into the land of crazy, this was normal for me (completing workouts without a lot of fanfare).  Normal.  Right.  But it sure does make me feel content to see all those Training Peaks boxes turn green.

I am laughing, though (again at myself), because it only took a month of the "do whatever I want" schedule for me to completely forget what it feels like to be the tiniest bit tired.  I did some of the fastest running I've done in months on Tuesday and my quads and hamstrings are STILL sore, to the point where I was noticing my quads in the pool on Wednesday and bending over to touch my toes feel like brilliantly unwinding.  The flip side is that I've slept better the past few nights than I have since I was peaking for ironman training.  I'll take it.  

2. Speaking of fast running, I'm hesitant to say that my magical asthma drugs are kicking in already, but the long run I did yesterday morning was a whole different world than the one I did on Sunday.  I ran up the gentle-but-steady incline of the W&OD trail from my house to Falls Church and expected to be cranky about the uphill, the heat, the humidity at 6am, the bugs, the sweat, the wedgie my shorts were giving me, all of it.  But instead I felt happier than I've felt on a run in months.  I did zero walking, ran faster, kept my heart rate lower and was smiling when it was over.  The doctor told me it would take 10-14 days for the drugs to start working (although he did say it's different for everyone).  Placebo effect?  Maybe, but if so, I don't care.  It's so nice to be able to run longer than two miles without choking and walking and throwing a major hissy fit.  It was still on the "slower" side of what is normal for me at that heart rate in the non-summer months but the improvement from the last run was so significant that I'm shocked.  My doctor also gets a big fat gold star, and I get a smack on the nose for not getting tested two years ago when this crap started.  

3. I've completely forgotten how to function in a world where I spend more than two hours a day away from my own kitchen.  Now that I actually have to GO to work, I somehow have to figure out how to pack enough food to sustain myself for the eight hours I am gone.  I realized that this sounds like the overprivileged whining of someone who has been lucky enough to work from home since 2009, but I packed WAY more food than I thought I would need on Wednesday...and had eaten it all after about five hours.  I'm trying to not resort to living on Clif bars and bananas, so I'm going to be working on packing full (balanced?) meals and eating enough before I head out in the morning.  Like a grown-up would do.  What do you people eat all day?

4. It's been a while since I've posted some puppy pics.  For shame.

Have a great weekend, everyone!  Let me know if you are racing so I can cheer for you with my much-less-icky lungs!


  1. It took me a long time to get used to going into an office too, then it took me a long time to get used to working from home again. Now the more I read about fruit/raw/vegan the more appealing it looks and I have no idea how to keep that going in an office. Pack a daily cooler full of fruit?

    1. I would need an entire grocery store of fruit.

  2. No more working from home at the new job??????

    I could never go back to an office. I'd die. And no, I am not being over-dramatic.

    1. It's not an office, that's how I'm staying alive.

  3. Clif bars and bananas. And Fage yogurt with honey.

  4. Yes, I spend every Sunday grocery shopping, prepping, cooking, packing just for the weeks worth of lunches, snacks and dinners. If for some reason I can't then I end up eating cereal for 3 meals a day! Cute pics as always!

  5. To pack:
    Greek yogurt + cereal + raisins or banana for breakfast
    almonds, fruit, carrot sticks, pepper slices, hard boiled eggs - snacks
    protein (tuna fish, more hard boiled eggs, grilled chicken on a big salad made the morning or night before - lunch

    extra snacks if there is the appropriate technology in the office: microwave popcorn, protein shake

  6. I pack a huge bag of food on Monday to keep me eating at work the whole week, after eating a breakfast of 2 eggs and a big veggie and fruit smoothie with a coffee or tea.

    My staples include:
    a big jar of almond or peanut butter (yes, I go through one a week)
    black beans
    low-fat shredded cheese
    my favorite dressing
    grilled chicken
    Greek yogurt
    frozen or fresh berries

  7. Puppies!

    I have to resist the urge to pet my computer screen every time you post a puppy picture. I only succeed 43% of the time.

  8. Puppies!!
    I would love to have access to my own kitchen during the day. I always have the best breakfast/lunches on my work from home days. When you figure out your lunch/snack situation at work I'd love for you to post your meals. I struggle in this department!

  9. Love the puppy pictures - they are so sweet :)

    Glad you are feeling better - and I am happy you are back to work. Food issues: I bring A LOT of food with me, including an ginormous salad, that I usually eat in two sittings, packed w/ lots of protein to help keep me full. I usually bring juice, which I make with our juicer (a great way to prevent produce going bad...).

    Other options: I bring cheese for snacking, fruit/carrots/celery sticks for snacking - w/ hummus, leftovers from dinner the night before, pieces of chicken, protein powder to make a shake if I'm really desperate, yogurt, nuts...

  10. Well, I don't run but you can cheer on. Got interested in all of this after I started working with Masters athletes. I can't believe the hard work you guys put in.

  11. Oh when I have to go to the office, I feel like I'm bringing an entire suitcase of food, it's ridiculous. And I really do eat it all.

    So glad you are feeling better!!

    1. A suitcase is how I would describe what I brought yesterday. And I still left starving!

  12. I always have almonds and walnuts at my desk. And yogurt or hummus in my lunch bag. But yeah, a healthy supply of Cliff minis helps out too!

    Yea for being back at work and super yea for adorable puppies!

  13. My office is right next door to a grocery store. This is especially dangerous after swim practice when I stop in there for "just a bagel" and walk away with $45 worth of food instead. Isn't the sleep when back in training the best??

  14. Awesome photos!
    So, I went on a hike today (first "vigorous exercise" since a race on Sunday) and I'm exhausted now - I think I lost all of my endurance in a period of 5 days. I am, however, more than happy to leave Cliff bars alone for 6 months or so!

  15. Can you store extra food at work? That helps me avoid bringing in a suitcase of food every day. A box of cereal and jar of peanut butter and Trader Joe's trail mixes and nut mixes are some of my favorites. I also bring in several greek yogurts on monday and leave them in the fridge.

  16. Ugh I bring so much food to work! Even post Ironman I still need to consume food constantly. I eat almonds every single day and always bring 2 pieces of fruit plus I like carrots and hummus. That's in addition to my large lunch and the occasional Luna Bar. Good luck! Mike keeps peanut butter and bread at his desk and makes sandwiches when he's hungry. That could help too!

  17. First of all, thanks! I just started reading on the recommendation of a friend. Very much enjoy your posts.

    I'm a big fan of edamame for days when I'm stuck out. A 140-cal bag from Costco can go right in your pack for the day if you have access to a microwave, and if you don't you can pre-nuke it and dump it in a Ziploc where it'll keep ok for at least a few hours unrefrigerated -- and all day refrigerated. The same goes for frozen peas, which actually have a much better nutrient balance than most other foods of the type. Again, if you have access to a microwave, oatmeal rocks, and you can throw frozen fruit/almond milk (or soy milk if you're into that -- personally I like the almond for oatmeal) in containers to dump in when you nuke it. Just a few thoughts. :)

  18. That top puppy shot should be a poster!


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