three things thursday

1. I tried to make my first smoothie this morning (I know).  I put in a container of raspberry yogurt, a scoop of protein powder, and a big handful of frozen mango.  The blender started to smoke but wasn't chopping up the mango, so I thought maybe it needed more liquid and dumped in an entire muscle milk light (the big one).  Then it was watery so I put in more frozen mango.  And on and on until the blender was full and I had to stop.  My smoothie is the consistency of a milkshake and tastes like muscle milk and nothing else and I will be drinking it for the next two days.  Where did I go wrong?  I tried to chip off some frozen spinach to make a green monster but it was frozen solid.  Maybe next time.

2. I've got some pretty awesome folks lined up to entertain you guys while I'm gone next week.  I'm pretty pumped about this (you should be, too!).

3. Recovery is going well.  I've been lifting every day and I'm really happy to be back in the weight room, but I'm not doing much else because I can tell my body is still tired.  Yesterday I commuted to work and back and was pretty worn out, so I bagged this morning's ride.  All of my soreness is gone, I can just tell that there is a level of exhaustion I haven't recovered from quite yet.  I was very happy to discover that there is an outdoor 25m lap pool at the resort as I'm really enjoying easy swimming right now.  It feels stretchy and calm without making me feel worn out the way cycling did.  I haven't run yet, but I might do a few miles before we leave.  Or maybe not.  I'm in no hurry, especially as we leave in 2 days and my to do list is 40 pages long.  Gak!


  1. I am also not a smoothie expert. I've made approximately 2 and have yet to figure out the proper amount of liquid to add.

  2. Oh, bummer! I'm sorry to hear about your smoothie experience. I usually start with a banana, some spinach, and some plain yogurt and go from there. Ramsey likes pb+j smoothies (add peanut butter and frozen berries). How small were your frozen mango chunks? Cake batter smoothie is yummy! Add some cottage cheese, protein powder, vanilla, and flaxseed. Well, may your next smoothie experience be better! Keep us updated. :)

  3. It's all about proportions. Here's the tutorial I use and love!

  4. That sometimes happens when I make smoothies too! It sounds like you might need a new blender though?

  5. problem with your smoothie: attempt to semi-defrost any frozen fruit first. maybe 20 seconds in the microwave. mix that first with a liquid. THEN add yogurt once it's blended. THEN ice.

  6. I've recently become addicted to my daily smoothie. I use a single-serving Hamilton Beach blender; you can unscrew the top when you're done blending, stick a straw in it, and take it with you as a to-go cup. My current recipe: about a cup of plain kefir, frozen banana (cut up before frozen), and handful of Trader Joe's frozen strawberries. I'm sure these smoothies are why I'm not losing any weight.

  7. My basic recipe:
    1 banana
    1/2 cup milk or other liquid
    handful frozen blueberries or other fruit
    1 T peanut butter (optional)
    1/2 cup frozen yogurt (optional)
    Add more milk/liquid if desired, as you blend.

    I have yet to make my own "green" smoothie. On the to do list!

  8. hope you are up and feeling very rested again soon. i can only imagine how tired one feels after a 1/2 IM. you should try ultra runner girl's recipe above me, it looks tasty. have a nice trip!

  9. That was hilarious. I have the best mental picture of your blender just going crazy!!! When you find the secret to the perfect smoothie let me know- I suck at making them too!

  10. If only I could have been a fly on the wall for that experiment... LOL!

    That's so awesome about the lap pool at the resort! You know you're an athlete when...

  11. If your blender is SMOKING, you might have bigger problems than figuring out milk:yogurt:mango ratios... just sayin'!

    For what it's worth, I usually do 1 yogurt container (6 oz?) + a few ice cubes + thawed out frozen fruit or a fresh banana. :)

    #2 = yay!

  12. I also struggle with making smoothies. I am hoping this summer during break I can get better at it since I won't be rushing out the door to get to school!

  13. My smoothie strategy is juice first, then yogurt, then fruit that is *slightly* defrosted. My blender just won't do it if it's still frozen. OJ+vanilla yogurt+strawberry/mango/banana is KILLER.

  14. Apparently I got lucky when I started making smoothies earlier this year because I had no idea what I was doing and just threw the stuff in the blender in a random order. That or I have a super blender...

  15. I put a bunch of hippie shit in my smoothie like flax seed and hemp protein and dates, but they taste really good. They are also brown though. Also one time I had a free personal training session the Thursday after a half marathon. I almost fell flat on my face after like my third push up. I was all "Whoa, I must still be tired from my race," and my trainer was all like, "Sure."

  16. haha, nice attempt on the smoothie. I usually add 1/2 c to 1 c of liquid and do it slowly to get the right texture.

  17. haha, sorry about the smoothie, but you know I love the taste of muscle milk YUM!

    Yay back to weights! I'm about to back off.

    Have a great time on vacation, did I miss the post on where you are going?

  18. My smoothies are bland, but that's how I like em. 6 oz fat free milk, scoop protein powder, handful of fresh spinach & 10 pieces of sliced, frozen banana. Every now and then I'll go crazy & add frozen blueberries...but the my blender runneth over.

  19. My Smoothie Staples

    Banana (1 or 2)
    Strawberries (5-9; fresh or frozen)
    Honey (so good for so many things)
    Hemp Protein Powder (I just learned the chocolate is ahhhhhhhhh-maaaaaaaaaaa-zing this week!)

    Smoothie Optionals

    Spinach (fresh or thawed- frozen is a nightmare!)
    Kale (fresh or thawed)
    Chia Seeds (1-2 tablespoons)
    Flax Seed
    Wheat Germ
    Various Fruits (kiwi, mango, blueberries, papaya, pineapple-- whatever I have on hand)

    Smoothie Binders/Liquids (pick one)

    Almond Milk
    Orange Juice

    Smoothies Simplified

    Build from the base up: bananas, spinach or kale (if using), all loose materials (e.g. protein powder, flax seed, wheat germ, etc.), honey, more fruit.

    Add liquid. Liquid is added based on desired thickness of smoothie. I eye-ball it in relation to how much it covers (or doesn't) the contents of the blender).

    Savor Each Sip!

  20. I usually microwave any frozen fruit for 30-45 sec before blending. Otherwise you would've been fine. I either use 1/2 a container of yogurt, or a splash of juice with a banana. banana works like a liquid consistency.



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