three things thursday

1. ARE WE THERE YET?  Good grief, I hate tapering.  My body is still waking up around the same time even when I try to sleep in, but my workouts are so short that I'm back home before the sun is really up.  At least I can eat carbs now.  I'm down to the last final few workouts, and doing all the pre-race testing things out that I usually do the week of a race.  This morning I did a short run to test my clothes.  Everything was great except I realized that I have no pockets and the old bike shorts I decided to wear are actually way too big and I laced up my speed laces way too tight so my feet were swollen and throbbing after 3 miles.  
Last night I also did a short swim in my wetsuit.  I asked someone to take my picture in the locker room afterwards.  It was awkward.
Swimming in the wetsuit was okay, it made my chest feel tight, which made me very glad I had tested it out because I would have freaked out Saturday morning.  I floated around and swam about 500 yards just to get the feel of it.  I think I need to do what everyone tells me and yank it up a bit so it's not so tight around my neck, but otherwise, good.

Otherwise, I'm just making my lists and piles and buying extra body glide and counting granola bars and packing extra socks.  I think I'm ready.  Tomorrow will be a short swim and lots of stretching, and then we'll be on our way.  The poet will be feeding updates into my twitter feed Saturday morning, if you are interested in following me around.  

2. I finally had my appointment with the allergist.  He tested me and then let me know that the amount of things I'm allergic to was impressive.  Fabulous.  

These are my arms, by the way.  The only test I failed was cats and dogs.  Hooray!

3. I've been suffering from a normal amount of taper craziness.  On Tuesday evening, I pulled all the pictures off of my picture collage wall and re-did the entire wall.  It looks like this now.

(Yes, we finally stalked the matching C&B chair home from the outlet).  One of the things I added to the wall was this:
I printed out "run this amazing day" in huge letters and then took some blog posts with awesome comments and strung them all together in teeny tiny font and over-printed it.  I love it.  This blog, but more importantly, the people I've met through it, are so important to me.  I can't really even remember what it was like to train and live my life without a) talking about it on the internet and b) all the support and kindness and love I receive from this community.  I've gotten so many comments and tips and pieces of advice and emails wishing me good luck for this weekend, and I know I'll be thinking of all of you when I'm roasting and cursing my way through the last 13.1 miles of this race and just want to throw my running shoes into a bush and take a nap (this will definitely happen).  Knowing that so many people are cheering me on is always part of the reason why I don't give up.  I won't disappoint you on Saturday, I promise.


  1. Two things...

    1. Your living room looks amazing.

    2. I am so excited about this weekend for you and can't wait to hear all about it on twitter and then in person. The fact that you don't give up inspires me not to give up. Seriously. And, thanks :)

  2. If/when we move, we will have a 'Wall of Coolness', where we can all put up things we think - or even better, have done - are way cool. A bit like your idea, but probably messier.

    I hear ya on the allergies front. Curse you, food!

  3. Wet suits are weird. Again I will say I just don't know how you keep all this tri stuff straight!!!

    Your arms look like you were attacked!!!

    Love, love, love what you did with the "Run this Amazing Day" frame!!!

    Good luck this weekend chica! I can't wait to hear how it all goes down. Please know I am there in spirit cheering you on!!!

  4. i HATE wetsuits and taper. glad im only dealing with one right now...suckaaa. at least carbs are finally back in your life.

  5. Ooh, I love the new wall set-up! The run this amazing day one is really cool.

    Good luck on Saturday!!!!! I'll be checking for updates every 5 seconds. Thom better be on top of things!!

  6. GAH! Can I please have your living room?! I LOVE IT!!!

    And that photo of you in the locker room is hilarious. That woman must have been like, "WTF?"

    GOOD LUCK!!!

  7. Allergy tests are sometimes worse than the actual allergies. I hope your arm is better. Good luck this weekend!

  8. Good luck this weekend!!
    I love your photo wall and your blog framed as art. Beautiful.
    Awesome that you aren't allergic to your puppies!!!!

  9. I LOVE that you printed out your blog! Good luck this weekend! I'll be thinking about ya!

  10. I'm so glad Thom is tweeting...I'll be cheering for you!!

  11. I love love love everything about your house. Would you like to decorate my apt? Please and thank you.

    Emily and I are doing awkward wetsuit shots tomorrow, and then we'll absolutely have to take a few on Saturday. It's almost heeeeeeeeeeeeere!

  12. Best of luck this weekend Katie! Definitely will be following the Twitter updates!

  13. Good luck this weekend Katie!! You are so creative with rearranging your collage and creating the meaningful pic of your blog title complete with a background of comments!!

  14. Nice wall! I also have a similar wall but yours has a much softer tone I like it & love the idea of framing your blog comments & name!

  15. I love the wall :) I'm so excited for you to rock out this weekend!! I love all of the nice comments strung together, it seriously is so true that is what can lift you up and keep you from going completely insane when anything bad happens!

  16. Soooo excited and pumped for you. Um...I hope that one of your photos (somewhere ANYWHERE in your home) includes me in it. You know, just because.

    Also, really glad that you tried out the race outfit, b/c I could foresee those too-big-shorts falling down halfway through your run. More awk than asking someone to take a photo of you in the locker room.

    CAN'T WAIT! I'll keep track of you on twitter!!

  17. I love the frame and the wall in general!

    Also, allergy tests are painful and I'm sorry to hear you are so allergic. I got it done a few years ago and found out that I was only allergic to one thing - cats. Which is unfortunate since I have one... Fortunately Flonase is my friend and has greatly improved my quality of life! ;-)

  18. Love the picture wall and your wall color :)

    That's funn that someone took a pic of you in your suit. Thanks for the advice on the fit by the way. I think I'm going to test it out at Sandy Point next weekend.

    Good luck this weekend. Those 13.1 miles will go fast...

  19. The look of your arm after those tests scares me - are you stil alive?!

    Love the wall, very creative :) Come do one for me?

  20. yeah, no amount of pulling on my wetsuit relieves that tight turtle neck feeling....i HATE it.

    and your arms make me itch just looking at them. i hate allergy testing too, feels like my entire back is on fire when i had it done!

  21. Beautiful collage! And yikes-- the allergy test. I had that on my back when I was six and I will never forget how uncomfortable that was. You will totally rock that wet suit this weekend!!!!

  22. So very entirely excited for you! Praying for restful sleep, a sense of calm and fire in your belly to take that race by the tail! Git it girl!!!

  23. Love the sign! I got off my allergy shots a couple of years ago, but I remember too well the testing needles!

    Good Luck today!!! :)

  24. How sweet and meaningful. That makes me so happy. I know how much YOUR comments and insights mean to me, and it's great to know I'm one in your adoring crowd who can reciprocate!


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