expensive letters

Last night I flew out to Indiana for a wild & wacky girls weekend with my oldest and bestest friend.
I'm also here to officially get the very expensive piece of paper that means I can stick some more letters after my name.  The logistics and timing of the weekend sadly dictated that the poet stayed home with the pups.  They don't seem very sad about that.

Molly looks drunk, right?  Not sure exactly what's going on at home...

Anyhow, the past week or so, in an effort to take off a few pounds before my 70.3, I've been making a pretty serious effort to cut out white carbs, refined sugar, and alcohol.  It's meant a few headaches and wild sugar cravings while my body adjusts, but I was actually doing pretty well until I arrived here.  Last night we went out for dinner with another friend and were walking to the car when...
Yeah, I don't want to talk about it.

This morning we woke up not-too-early and I headed out for a run - 2 good 5-milers means it's time to up the mileage!  I did a slow but progressive 6.2 miles around campus.  Hopefully this means I'll be ready to run 13.1 a week from now.  And I always love coming back to IU, so we can do things like this.
After I ran, we tootled around town running errands.
...and visiting old favorite delicious haunts, where the no-white-carbs rule went out the window again.
The first ceremony was this afternoon, which I discovered last night when I finally decided to read all the emails about where to be and when.  I got dressed in the parking lot (harder than it looks)...
Posed for my official photographs...

And then went inside to stand in a long line for 2 hours making small talk.
Today was the university-wide graduate ceremony, so it was a giant crowd of grown-ups frantically playing Angry Birds networking.  We finally processed in.  The music was fabulous (shout out to my undergrad roots!)  
My big smiley teeth are smack in the middle.

After a 90-minutes-too-long ceremony where the featured speaker trashed about 20% of the audience for getting online degrees (know your audience, people!), we were set free to eat, drink, and drink some more.  
Tomorrow we'll repeat all of this with just the business school, which means more people I know, better food, and a shorter ceremony.  But as of today, I am officially a graduate!
Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. Congrats girl!!! Have a great rest of your celebration!!

  2. Congratulations girl! Enjoy every moment of this weekend; you've earned some fun with your hard work & dedication!

  3. Congrats to you! Big stuff. And all the carb/white sugar stuff doesn't count this weekend.

  4. So many pictures! CONGRATS, Miss Graduate!! MBA, yes? Enjoy the weekend and brag about your expensive online-acquired letter ;)

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  6. Congrats, grad!! What degree did you earn? That's so exciting. Did you have a good experience with the online degree?

  7. CONGRATS!!! that is awesome!

  8. Congrats! That robe (gown?) is totally sexy :)

  9. Is there anything you can't do? I bet not. Congrats Katie!

  10. Congrats on a major accomplishment!

  11. That's brilliant, well done you!

  12. congrats smarty pants! glad you had a good time. and you totally deserve the fro-yo. ;)

  13. Hahaha, the pictures make all of this even better.

  14. congrats!!! love your official grad picture :)


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