april: the month of a sore crotch

April was a fantastic month.  Maybe not on paper, but living it, it was great.
April Goals
Put 400 miles on my quads bike.  Done, and then some!
Don't stop doing the PT core work just because the pain goes away.  Still religiously doing all of it.
Do not buy a major piece of furniture.  This did not happen in the month of April.
Learn how to snot-rocket someone with precision from the bike.  My snot-rocketing skills have significantly improved.
Go back to yoga.  Not yet, but soon.
I decided that the best way to get my cycling fitness back was face-first into the road, and joined the "30 days of biking" madness that was going on all over the country for the month of April.  I discovered pretty quickly that taking one month off and three months easy is not the way to retain cycling fitness.  I spent a good part of the month being frustrated by the numbers on my bike computer and my serious lack of strength, but I don't think it could realistically be coming back any more quickly than it is, so that's all I can do about that.  I rode 500 miles exactly in the month of April.  That's more than any month in the history of Katie ever, including the month of the Reston Century.  I rode in the cold, the rain, the motherfucking wind, the heat, the sun, and the suffocating pollen.  I did pace workouts and hill workouts and short rides and commuting rides and recovery rides and some awesome long burrito rides.  I got my ass handed to me more than once at the Monday evening hill ride, but had some confidence-building pace workouts.  And I photographed it all.

With cycling on the main stage, it would be easy to ignore the fact that running has quietly crept back into my life.  But it has, and I am so thankful.  Right now I'm running every other day, easy runs only, and I'm up to 5 miles.  More importantly, every run has had less and less pain, and I think my body is starting to work more like it should.  I'm still not sure what's going to happen in the last 13.1 of my 70.3 next week, but every run I have leaves me feeling more confident that I'll be able to finish.  And my swim workouts have been unremarkable but solid.  I feel ready, maybe not as ready as I'd hoped I would be when I signed up in January, but as ready as I can be based on the events of the last 6 weeks.  There is nothing more I could have done to prepare for this race, and as long as a fish doesn't swim up my nose and scare the poop out of me, I should have a decent day.

Other than the race, May will also bring my MBA graduation and our honeymoon.  I'm pretty pumped about both of these things, and will hopefully party just as hard as I race.  I've got a lot to celebrate, and I'm more thankful for that than anything.

Miles run: 31 (maybe 12 of those in the pool)
Miles cycled: 500
Fabulous girl's weekends: 1
Pounds lost due to high volume training: 6
Pounds gained back due to cupcakes in the past two days: 4
Amount of time spent actually caring about my weight: one minute.
Number of bugs blown out of my sinus cavity post-ride: at least 10.
Number of rides in which I forgot the ride glide: 3 (ouch)

May Goals
Finish the 70.3 (more on this later).
Don't buy any more furniture.
Spend lots of recovery time eating, drinking, swimming with the pups and relaxing.


  1. so excited for your 70.3!!! ahhh! i cant wait to read more about it. i love all your pics too...they look so awesome!

  2. All kinds of April awesomeness. So impressed with your biking miles and COMMITMENT. EVERY DAY! Rain! Cold! Bugs! WIND! Auntie Em!
    You'll be great in your first 70.3. Your general amazing fitness as well as muscle memory from the running you were doing before this setback will kick in and you'll get through it with flying colors.

  3. Damn your commitment is fabulous!! I tend to not even have that type of commitment with running, much less cycling! Incredible April numbers...500 miles?! Woohoo!!

  4. Congrats on completing the 30 day challenge! You rocked it girl and I'm so excited that you're having less pain and more volume on your runs. YOu're going to make the most outta next weekend, of that I have no doubt and I can't wait to hear all about it!!!!!!!!!!

    April will also live down in infamy for Boston weekend! So happy I finally got to meet you!

  5. Sounds like May is going to be an exciting month for you congrats & good luck! Snot rockets can be so tricky especially having to account for wind!

  6. You are seriously disciplined for biking every day - we've had some bad weather. I'm excited for your May to hear about the race, your honeymoon, etc.

  7. Also, re: Spaghetti Squash, I have one on my kitchen counter. My Paleo friends pointed me toward this recipe. Let's make it and compare: http://www.barbellsandbacon.com/2009/09/spaghetti-squash/

  8. There are so many things I love about this post: The title. The reference to that damn spaghetti squash (I can give you a recipe if you'd like!). The unintended innuendo of "long burrito ride."

    Can't wait to read your 70.3 report!!!

  9. Great cycling miles! I love the motherfucking wind comment!! Good luck on your 70.3, you should do great!

  10. I'm really impressed by your 30 days of cycling since I would have a hard time doing 30 days of anything.

    It sounds like you are ready for this 70.3! And if the going gets tough, you can always think about that honeymoon that is waiting for you. I know that would definitely help me get to the finish!

  11. It's awesome that you are able to get a lot of miles in on the bike as you get back into the running groove. You are doing great!

  12. Congrats to you and your crotch for getting through April!

    Here's to May, it's flowers, Ironman & Honeymoon! :)

  13. That's a lot of cycling! Congrats on a solid month!!!

  14. Congrats! 500 miles is badass!

  15. Wow, congratulations! 500 miles is amazing, and I really admire your dedication to ride every day. You're gonna rock 70.3!

  16. that's a TON of miles on the bike! wow! ps I LOVE that purple jacket : )

  17. Way to rock the bike this month! That's a lot of miles!! And a lot of great pictures to go with. :)

  18. I really need a healthy dose of you in my life to pound the notion that cycling isn't so bad! I can't believe you cycled 500 miles, that is absolutely incredible and makes me feel so lazy, eeeps. Good luck with the rest of your 70.3 training :)

    PS You forgot the spaghetti squash goal for MAY!!

  19. Hey, who CARES what it looks like on paper. If living it was fantastic, what more can a girl ask? Yaaay you for having a fantastic month - you deserve many, many more of them!
    And you look incredibly happy, like you are loving every minute of April, in your photos. Rock on sista!

  20. Congrats on the 30 days of cycling! That's seriously impressive commitment. And nice guns! Have you been doing any resistance/weight training?

  21. I'm totally inspired by your cycling stats. I'm doing that crazy 50K in May thing for swimming, and seeing your achievement written down reminds me that stuff that initially sounds crazy can feel crazy-rewarding once accomplished. Well done, my dear.

  22. 500 MILES?! That's like running an ultra, in my mind. Ha, power to you and those stronger, faster quads! What will your training look like, cycling-wise, in May?

  23. I love the 4 pounds gained on cupcakes. 4 pounds = a 14,000 calorie surplus. Assuming 500 calories per cupcake, which would be a very delicious cupcake, that's 28 of them on top of eating everything else you need to eat. That's just awesome.

  24. I do love your photographs, they always make me laugh.

    You inspired me to try a 'snot rocket' while running, and I managed to get it all over one glove and the top of my drinks bottle.


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