random friday facts

1. The sound my phone makes when I get new email completely stresses me out.

2. I never drink soda, but I very occasionally crave the taste of real Coke.

3. I think boobies is a funny word.

4. I really hate it when people yell.

5. I never used to wear sunscreen, and I would almost never burn.  Now that I've had 72 different chunks of skin removed, I wear sunscreen, although still not as often as I should.

6. I keep thinking about cutting all my hair off, but then I remember what I looked like the last time I did that.
7. In the past 5 months, I have gotten married, finished my master's degree, completed a half-Ironman and brought home a new puppy.  Not to mention gotten injured and had at LEAST 5 bikini waxes (ow).  I am ready for this vacation.

8. I read books over and over and over.  I am currently reading the Stephanie Plum series for at least the tenth time.

9. I've been trying really hard to teach myself not to cross my legs while I sit at my desk because my back feels better when I don't.  When did I get old?

10. My favorite kind of grilled cheese is made with Velveeta.  Mmmm.

11. I am generally scared of all bugs.

12. I like going home to PA because that's where they keep the Herr's Sour Cream & Onion potato chips.  I don't eat a lot of chips but I can plow through a family-sized bag of these in about 4 minutes.

13. I never wear a watch.

14. I invite all people to all things.  I will make workout dates with anyone, I don't care how slow you think you are.  I bring home strays.  Smashing people together and forcing them to socialize usually works out well.  

15. I was a pretty good kid in high school.  I never had detention.  I usually turned things in on time and never cut class.  I had no idea it could be any other way.  When I went to college I was shocked that people would just not go to class.

16. I hate seeing people waste food.

17. In the past 15 years, I would guess I've had cable TV for a total of 3.  I don't miss it at all.

18. I have thin hair and it falls out all the time.  I'm scared that I'm going to be one of those ladies with a pink scalp showing through my silver curls.

19. I get really mad when people ride bikes without helmets.  REALLY MAD.

20. I don't like meatball sandwiches. 

21. I wish I had big shiny white movie star teeth.

22. I actually miss pool running.  Stupid hip flexor.

23. I am pretty excited to spend a week without the internet.  But I will miss you all.

Happy Friday!


  1. I think you'd look really cute with a shorter bob...stuff always grows out! (says the girl bitching about a bad haircut for the last week).

    Have a fantastic honeymoon.

  2. Yay for vacation! We'll miss you!

    Pool running when you get back?!?

  3. Have a great vacation!

  4. Enjoy yourselves!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I think your hair looks super cute in that picture... maybe super cute isn't the look you're going for?
    I've made a lot of life changes in the past 5 months as well. Sadly none of them include a new puppy.
    Maybe someday we'll run together.
    Enjoy your vacation! It'll be nice to unplug and relax!

  6. Great random facts! I think you can totally pull off short hair.
    Enjoy the vay-cay!!

  7. i wish i had big shiny white teeth too! lol how random is that? and people who don't wear helmets must really like not like having brains. probably why they don't wear them in the first place - no brains. ;)

    have a great trip!

  8. Ah, it's always good to be missed. Have fun.

  9. HAve a wonderful vacation!

    When you get back, I want a run date!!

  10. Number 18 about the hair is funny! I feel the same way about mine!

    Have fun on your vacation and drag me to one of your workout dates when you get back.

  11. 15. this is totally me, too. but grad school taught me that you don't really have to do all the reading...(my future students should thank me).

    19. YES. also when they bike in the wrong lane/direction. I have refused to go out biking ever again with a friend after he pulled such a stunt, I screamed at him from across the road, he shrugged it off. So.Mad!!

    21. this, and I also wish mine were flat along the bottom -- they're still a bit rounded and I feel it makes me look childish.

    yay random facts!!

  12. I hope you have an amazing vacation!

    I've been thinking a lot recently about chopping my hair but then I remember how much more work it was to get ready when it was short. Unless I went with REALLY short, but I'm not sure I'm ready for that.

  13. I didn't realize all this happened within the past five months! AND you scored that awesome C&B couch ;)

  14. #11....Are there people out there who aren't?! I'd like to be one of those people. It'd save me a few panic attacks per month.

    Also, I wear a bike helmet all the time and #19 still scared me.

    Have a GREAT TRIP!! We'll miss you, too!!

  15. I hope you don't mind that I send my ESL students to your blog to see examples of good writing. This post is one we will use to learn about syntax. Thanks for being such a good author!

  16. I was a stray. Thanks for bringing me home so I could eat all your food. HAPPY HONEYMOONING!

  17. Aw, congrats on the recent wedding, I didn't realize:). My husband adn I got married last year...our 1 year anniversary is coming up in a few weeks, I can NOT believe it! Boy does the time fly!:)

    Where in PA are you from? My husband is from outside of Reading but went to college outside of Philly so has a lot of friends in the area. We're up there a lot!:)

    Great facts!:)

  18. Always love the random facts :D. Have a great vacation!

  19. hooray! i've missed katie RFFs. and on #14 -- this is an awesome strategy.

    hope you are enjoying your vacation with minimal clothing/lots of booze/excessive sunshine. we are all jealous of you.


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