team amazing day (take two)

Okay, so let's start over.  After I posted this originally, Jared from Kompetitive Edge reached out with the fabulous news that this was WAY too expensive for printing shirts.  Imagine him with a hero cape on.  So, everything is the same except for the two things that are not.  1. The shirts now only cost $19 (if you Paypal'd me money I am PayPal'ing you back the difference).  2. There are two versions - a "puppies shitting rainbows" version and a "faith not fear" version for those of you that don't want to/can't walk around all day with profanity on your back.  Everything else is the same!  Now you can afford to buy two (don't check my math)!  

As you were, proceed with your day.  Remainder of this post is the same, just with an extra demo screen shot.
Aaaaaaaaaallrighty, let's get this party started.  I was going to do a "four things friday" post, but then I realized that I might be referencing this link for the rest of eternity and I don't want to be remembering how incredibly crabby I was at this point in the training cycle every time I do it.

I'm making a big pile of shirts for my mom and dad and number one fan to wear at IMCdA next month (you didn't know?  I'm doing an ironman!).  The shirt will be a purple technical tee and look like this fierce lady:
And like this for men (football not included), but also in purple:
The front will look roughly like this (I'm not good at the online design thingy):
And the back will basically look like this (ditto):
And the "safe for work" back will look like this:
And I figured that maybe some of you guys might want one for spectating at home or wearing to your own wedding or just so people will stare at you at the gym.  Sadly, I am not rich enough to give them away for free, so you're gonna have to send me some cash.  So here's what I'm going to do.  If you want one, send me an email with your size to (please don't sign me up for any penis enlargement newsletters) or drop a comment, with your full name please so this doesn't become more difficult than it already is.  They do have men's and women's separate sizes, so please specify men/women S-M-L-XL.  Next, you are going to send me a PERSONAL GIFT (this part is important) of $19 via Paypal to  Once I've received your generous gift, I will order a shirt in your size and generously gift you one when they arrive.  If you're local, we'll figure it out.   If you are going to be at CdA, I can bring it there.  If you're from far far away, please drop $5 or so on top so I can mail it to you and MAKE SURE TO GIVE ME YOUR ADDRESS.  I actually have no idea how much it will cost to mail, but if $5 seems ridiculously high, let me know and I'll correct this post.  I'm doing it through Paypal so no one gets sucked in by the mean mean scamming triathlon con artist girl, but if you live across the street and want to give me cash or a check, that's cool too.  Basically, if you want one, let me know, we'll figure the rest out.  It's not like I have a JOB tying up all my time.  

They are going to take about 2 weeks to get here.  If you don't read this until later and you want one, I'm going to end up ordering a pile of extras so let me know.  If you think I'm a self-absorbed wench and can't believe I'd have to gall to expect people to pay for shirts with my URL on them just because I'm doing an ironman, WELP, you're right, but being self-absorbed and expecting people to like it is what blogging is all about, now go stroke yourself somewhere else (but feel free to flame me in the comments first!  comments are love, don't you know?).  

Also, I thought about doing them with different sayings on the back of them all (F'ing legit.  Faith not fear.  You have no idea what you can do.  Have you seen my sweet sweet ass?  Your heart is a weapon the size of your fist.  CAR blog mafia.  Ass broken?  Look no further! etc. etc. etc.) but after a long conversation with the tee-shirt-printing-lady, it sounds like that will be horribly complicated and expensive.  Maybe for the next round of printing, if there is one.  


  1. Hi Katie, saw your a post over on Jason's blog at Cook Train Eat Race...if you want to get out of the business of t-shirt making...that's what we do. We've made a bunch of shirts for Jason and our core is supporting friends and family on race day. We can also set it up online that you don't have to do anything, we take the orders, do the shipping, etc... Let us know if you're interested by contacting us at

  2. "Katrina"! omg! :) p.s. you probably don't need separate emails, PayPal let me send a message with the $.

  3. Hi Katie, not sure what company are you using for the shirts, but I've used for my running group before, and I love love love love their customer service. I usually see what I want online, then call them up to place the order (since on the phone you can get the quantity discounts for men & women shirts). The prices always comes up to less than what we estimated (and if you use them a second time, it's even cheaper as they have your design on file, so you don't have to pay the setup costs again). I promise I don't work for them, but anytime I have spectacular customer service (super-rare nowadays) I become a loyal customer! (They're a VA based company, so I used to have the shirts sent to my work address in DC to save the sales tax.)

  4. I just sent you the money, with my crazy last name, but I think it has Ari's name on it, Ahrjang, so don't get all weirded out when you see a terriorist name in your Pay Pal account :) I ordered Puppies Shitting rainbows in women's medium. THANK YOU!!


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