random friday facts

1. I Just bought and ate an entire container of strawberries.  In about 90 seconds.

2. I know that my Garmin isn't right but I will still run until it says x.00 miles anyway.

3. I'm finding it hard to concentrate on blog writing while watching the finale of Grey's from last night.

4. My favorite flavor of powerade zero is blue.

5. Swimming isn't as fun with a cranky left shoulder.

6. I would never drive a red car.

7. Yesterday I spent an embarrassing amount of time reading about how to become a private investigator.

8. I really need to find a job.

9. I always unclip my left foot.

10. I still have the same instant message account that I made my freshman year of college.

11. I bought another pair of the neon shoes.

12.  I KNOW.

13. One of my favorite toys when I was little was a dollhouse my grandfather made me.  I wish I could live in a house just like that one.

14. I still prefer real books to e-books.

15. There is a tree in the backyard that makes berries and our dogs think they are the most delicious treat.

16. I think pet birds are weird.

17. I have tiny teeth.

18. I got rid of the rest of my giant Nike sports bras from two years and cup sizes ago.

19. We've outgrown the water bottle shelf in the cups cabinet.

Happy Friday, all!  I'm going to spend a ridiculous amount of time on my bike this weekend - what are you up to?


  1. I always unclip my right foot, don't really know how to with my left. This was problematic last year at Placid when I almost took out everyone at the tight turnaround cone on the bike.
    My teeth are too big. I had a bunch removed when I was a kid because they didn't all fit in my mouth.
    No red car because you don't like the color red? I feel that way about red clothes.
    What electric color are the neon shoes? Upside: you will never lose them in transition.

  2. I drive a red car. A red jeep wrangler in fact. It's cool, we can still be friends. ;)

  3. left foot, huh, I would fall out. still laughing at number 19....they need their own cabinet and dish washer

  4. Haha our water bottle shelf has just expanded and now we have water bottles in our bowls and on top of plates. It's crazy!

    I refuse to let my future children have a pet bird. I don't care how sad they get because I say no. It is NOT happening.

  5. I have done/do and agree with 7 and 14. Also, I have driven red cars but never owned them. Last summer I had a rental car that was bright red, and they wouldn't give me any other color without charging me for a bigger car. I was annoyed (bright red car on flad mid-west roads = spotlight for cops), but also annoyed because the model of car was a "Cobalt" but it wasn't blue.

  6. Go Go Go! hope you have great rides this weekend, wish I could join you :( The blue Powerade Zero is definitely the best!

  7. #16 - Have you ever run/biked past the girl on the Capital Crescent Trail that carries around the homing pigeon on her shoulder? She has it on a leash too. That is weird.

  8. 1. I went and picked strawberries last week... they didn't last long.
    10. I don't log into AIM very often but it is still my same account/screen name from college.
    16. I used to work in a pet store that sold birds. The larger birds came to us as hand-fed and it was my job to feed them. It made me really like some of the birds but I would never own one unless I had a sound proof room that could somehow clean itself. (my old roomie had two birds. I didn't mind them but was glad I never had to clean up after them or sleep in the same room as them).
    I have a 5 miler tomorrow morning followed by wine tasting with dogs.


    6. I said that too, till they knocked a few thousand off my current car to get it off the floor. I still wanted blue, but I'm cheap.

    17. I have tiny bottom teeth. They're my dog teeth.

    I am drunk-walking Bay to Breakers this weekend. And by drunk-walking, I mean I will be totally sober and NO OFFICER THAT IS JUST GATORADE IN MY WATER BOTTLE.

  10. #16 Ugh I hate birds and had to deal with one while growing up. My parents still have that stupid bird today. They live forever!

  11. 9. I always unclip my left foot. - at least I do ONE thing right! ;)

    When I met Dustin he had approximately 100 water bottles (not. kidding.) and I thought he might just be a little bit crazy (take this, along with the "no couch, no TV, no bed frame" minimalist style). When we were at the race in Poolesville last week and people kept throwing (read: LAUNCHING) their bottles all over the place, I was like "OH. I GET IT!"

    Keep stocking up. You just never know...

  12. No red cars, and definitely no birds. They (birds) totally weird me out and they're dirty. Guh-ross.

    Have an awesome ride this weekend!!

  13. I love finishing on weird distances. I hardly ever finish at x.00

  14. A quart, or larger size container?

    You can't hug a bird, and they belong in the wild, IMO.

    I used to unclip my left, until my right-leg side back issue. Now I undlip my right, but it still doesn't quite come naturally.

  15. Always the left or I will fall over, as I know quite well from experience.

    I always wait until I reset the watch to see what the distance is.

    Happy riding!!

  16. Yes to 9 and 14. I'm just pleased I know how to unclip at all. Why did I wait so long to transition to clip in shoes?

  17. I don't get the pet bird thing either. Those animals were not really meant to sit in a cage ALL day with no chance of ever getting out so why torture those poor souls.


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