the bugs all hatch in may

It's never a good sign when the first of the month rolls around and I can't remember the goals I set.  Although, who am I kidding, this happens every month.  

April Goals
Open and attempt to cook the quinoa that's been in the cupboard for a month.  Quinoa and almonds is now my new favorite lunch addiction.
Teach Sofie how to swim.  It ended up being a little too chilly this month for this, but it's coming.
Go back to crazy hill ride.  Winter is officially over.  Well, I climbed about a billion feet this month on the bike.
Update the frame wall.  Crap, see, here's one I forgot about.
Get back on the asleep-by-8:30pm sleep schedule.  Done, except for the few nights where anxiety kept me up...
Keep making the effort to run and ride in new places.  It's worth it.  And, done.

April was a truly eventful month.  I cracked it wide open with a 10-miler PR, a trip to Colorado and a complete upheaval in my professional life.  Swimming might have been bumped to my favorite of the three triathlon legs with my first swim meet, an experience that left me happy to have crushed a goal and hungry for more.  I PR'd a few shorter distances in the pool this month and had enough long swims that I feel completely ready for 1.2 miles this weekend and a 5K at the end of the month...not to mention the 2.4 that is looking closer every day.  Finally getting my crank and saddle and fit situation straightened out has left me feeling more comfortable but not necessarily stronger on the bike.  Almost all of my rides lately have been on rolling terrain, which makes it hard to gauge progress.  I think I'm feeling stronger than I did this time last year, but it's just so hard for me to tell.  And this is the month that I finally decided I wanted no part of the roller-coaster love-hate relationship I've had with running the past twelve years of my life.  I get so much more joy out of swimming and cycling, and I think this realization is the epitome of, "if you love something, let it go."  I love to run, I have always loved to run, but I never feel as good and strong and happy as I do when I climb out of the pool.  It's time to let running go.

May will bring my next crack at the 70.3 distance.  I'm in a big fat vat of anxiety about it right now, but hopefully I'll be clear-headed by the weekend and ready to roll.  The race is hilly and the temps are looking hot, so I'm probably not going to win, but so far this year I've spent every race happy and finished feeling strong.  But I also feel like this distance is going to be the first real test of my hopefully new-and-improved mental state.  May will also bring a trip out west for a wedding and then buckling down into my last big ironman block.  I've already got one huge training weekend planned with some girlfriends and I'm hoping to stack up a few more of those heading into June.

The poet and I started discussing some major life changes as far back as September, and those discussions have opened a lot of doors in our life.  Our future is filled with uncertainity right now, but that I don't mind.  I'm hoping that a month from now I'll have a lot more to say about this.

Miles run: 91.64
Miles run with aching shins that finally prompted a new pair of running shoes: 6.5
Boxes of quinoa eaten before I gave up and bought the Costco-size bag: 6
New swimsuits: 1
Bikini waxes: 0
Pictures taken of the puppies: 381
Pictures taken of the puppies while sleeping: 380
Days it took to consume a bag of marshmallows: 4
Days it took to consume 10lbs of sweet potatoes: 6
Bugs accidentally eaten on the bike: a dozen or so.

Use the time off from working wisely.  Doctor's appointments, sleep, errands, doing workouts in new places.
Do core work more than once a week while lifting.
Learn a second way to eat quinoa.
Use the foam roller even when things aren't cranky.
Discover and keep more healthy snacks in the house to avoid the 4pm "EAT ALL THE THINGS."

What are your goals for May?  I feel like I need another one, help a girl out here.


  1. Do Emily L's version of gluten-free lasagna. Use layers of cooked quinoa instead of noodles.

    Also, you can use quinoa instead of rice in your burritos (add spices while it's cooking... super yummy). You can also make quinoa into a dessert sort of like rice pudding. Cook the quinoa, add maple syrup or honey, dried fruit, and some almond milk. Delicious.

  2. Lots going on for you! Great to keep goals going during these times. I have yet to become brave enough to try the quinoa recipes I have...

  3. How does one let running go when one is a triathlete? Is that a metaphorical or literal pronouncement?

  4. I love cooking quinoa with stock - any stock at all, home made or cubes. It's gooooood.

  5. April was great! May, Sleep! :)

  6. How about you try bikram yoga with me :) it is super as a core workout!

  7. So excited to read how the race goes AND the life changes :)

  8. I'm excited to see how that goes for you! You are going to have a life changing month I think! :-)

  9. Please share the tasty healthy snacks you find. I need them too.

  10. Woot. good luck this weekend!!

    Also if you ever want to tag along on a bike ride with me, let me know.

  11. Chef H date should be on that list! Duh.

    I can also help with the Quinoa & snacks thang, of course. ;)

    "Use the month off wisely." You'll look back and wonder why you spent so much time stressing, and not enough time being like "hey, I've got the day off! whoop!" Trust me on that one.

  12. This makes me want to get in the pool. Maybe I'll grow to love it as much as you do.

    But, do you mean you're not running anymore, or not running more than a few times a week, or not racing any running-only events? Or just letting go of your obsessive love for running?

  13. Goals for May? Finish IMTX smiling.....only goal I need to have right now. still have the desire to pursue triathlon after the race. I don't want to have the let down that I have read about.

  14. Quinoa Awesomeness

    *Dessert-like as suggested above (quinoa, honey, almond milk and maybe a pinch of cinnamon.... also great for breakfast!)
    *Quinoa-shredded carrots-lemon juice (mmm....)
    *Quinoa instead of rice for anything!
    *Quinoa in stuffed peppers
    *Quinoa with sauteed veggies (and maybe a pinch of cheese and/or terriyaki sauce)
    *Quinoa and chutney (so loves the hub...)
    *Quinoa and honey plain for dessert
    *Quinoa tabbouleh (mm..)
    *Quinoa-Light Life soy crumbles- yellow rice- shredded carrots- onions (not sure how this came to be but it's amazing!)
    *Cotter Crunch Chili ( mm....

    The possibilities are endless. We just bought 2 bags at Costco and plan on taking it on the road to BSLT 70.3 in June to save $$.

  15. Goal: survive my ride this weekend. That's it for the whole month.

  16. All excellent goals and progress. Maybe lay off EAT ALL THE BUGS! while on the bike? ;)

  17. Goal: Open up the package the wet suit came in and try it on.

  18. I'm excited and anxious about May! I have an Olympic tri this weekend and I'd like to do well, despite all the creakiness in my body the past week or two. I'll end the month with a crazy trail race.
    In terms of training, I'd like to commit to weight training of some sort!
    And, finally, end the school year with a smile!

  19. I'm always impressed with your goal lists. I'm especially impressed with this month's, as it shows a desire to be proactive about your mental and physical health during a stressful time.

    Oh, and more goals for May? Swim with Amy at Wilson. (DONE!)

  20. Good luck this weekend! Quinoa + corn + black beans + avocado + cilantro + lime juice + red onion. My May goals: do not run after Sunday, read at least one book, keep swimming in the bay.


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