three things thursday

1. My calf behaved better than I expected last weekend at the half - I didn't even notice it during the race.  Afterwards, once I got blood moving again and then sat down for a while, it stiffened up and felt really sore in the area of the tear.  I knew it was possible that running would open up the tear again, so I wasn't too worried.  I don't like taking advil/ibuproufen after a race, so I spent the first couple of days alternating ice baths and epsom salt baths, doing some light stretching, and just in general trying to treat my legs with sparkly kid gloves.  Once I got through my post-race Oreo-and-BBQ-quesidilla bender, I hopped right back on the recovery food train, and I've been sleeping 9-10 hours every night.  So there's some serious healing going on over here.  I saw my "doesn't hurt me" PT on Tuesday morning, and she said that there's a lot of scar tissue and inflammation and adhesions just floating around in the calf right now.  She dug around in there for a while, and I've done two pretty painful at-home sessions and go back this afternoon for another round.  As of this morning, it's still pretty sore and swollen, but I feel like I'm on the fast-track to complete recovery.  My body just needs to flush all the crap out of there so the muscle can rebuild.  And to be quite honest, this is probably the least post-race-carnage I've ever had, so I'll take it.  I managed to crank out an extremely-creaky-and-fragile 40 minutes this morning and it felt worse than the race itself, so I know I'm on the right track.

2. I'm starting to get excited about triathlon season, but I'm also feeling the push of an early-season A race.  I'd like to bang out some sprints and maybe even an olympic to shake out some of the cobwebs, but I feel like there's just not time for that before Coeur d'Alene.  I know that I will have the entire rest of the summer to jump in smaller races, but that interferes with my sit-on-the-couch-and-drink plans for the month of July.  One of the many reasons why I chose IMCDA was because I didn't want to be doing peak training in July, but now I'm seeing the flip side of that decision.  Time is just starting to feel....short.  

3. Our house is extremely weird.  On the top level, there are two small bedrooms that have angled ceilings because of the roof and no closets plus a small bathroom (shower but no bath).  On the main floor, there is a full bathroom and a bedroom with a half-closet (think linen closet).  In the basement, there is a bedroom with the only full-size closet in the house plus the full bathroom that we redid last summer.  Since I moved in, I've lived in the bedroom on the main floor.  It has wood floors and big windows and the full bathroom is the largest and has the most storage out of the three.  I don't like living on the main floor but the no-closet and angled-ceiling situation made me not want to live upstairs.  Also, the air-conditioning does not work quite as well on the top floor during the summer, to the point that I bought window units two summers ago because of how unbearable it was (we used to rent out these two rooms).  The air-conditioning works moderately well on the main floor and like a champ in the basement.  So here's the dilemma.  The poet thinks we should move our bedroom to the basement to take advantage of the air-conditioning situation (we both like to be really cold when we sleep, plus it would save money because we end up blasting it all night in the summer just to get some sleep) and the full-closet situation, but I think it's even more weird to live in the basement of my house than I do to live on the main floor.  Also, there are spiders in basements. Thoughts?  Tell me about your weird houses and what you would do, please.  

Happy Thursday, friends!