random friday facts

1. I had one of those "I can't sleep and I have no idea why" nights last night.  I drank my sleepy tea, I was in bed, allergy medicine taken, book read, and just....nothing.  

2. So this post might make significantly less sense than usual.

3. I don't hoard running shoes anymore.

4. I can't sleep on airplanes.

5. When I first met my husband, I made him a playlist of music called, "thom starter kit."  It's still on my phone.

6. I'm kind of excited about the pile of hills I'm going to climb tomorrow.

7. The only reason I haven't purchased a new dishwasher is because the one I have is only three years old.  But I hate it with every fiber of my being.

8. I don't read or watch the news, I don't listen to the radio and I have no idea what is going on in politics.

9. I never make a list of things to pack before I go on vacation.

10. I found a huge knot in my calf last night and panicked and beat the crap out of it.

11. When I was in elementary school, my book bag was checked every day to make sure I wasn't bringing extra books to/from school after I got in trouble for the 954th time for reading under my desk.

12. I wish I could figure out how to like eggs.  I really want to like them.

13. I have my appendix and my tonsils and my spleen.

14. We're thinking about shaving the puppies again.

15. I miss football season.

16. Tree pollen.  Good God.

17. Last night I looked in the mirror and realized that my boobs are basically gone.  Last year triathlon ate my ass.  What happens next year?

18. I think the mouse has moved out.

19. I haven't had a burrito in at least a month.

20. The more I read about nutrition, the more I am convinced that it is impossible to get it exactly right.

21. Dara Torres is my current girl crush.

22. I only like to eat apples if they are sliced.

23. My wish list of "weird crap that is sort of related to being healthy" just got longer - who can tell me about this TRX thing?

Happy Friday everyone!  Leave me an RFF, let me know if you RFF'd or if you are racing this weekend, and have a fabulous day!


  1. My boobs are gone too... Where the F do they go, anyway?

  2. Before you consummate your crush on Dara, there's a whooooooooooole lot about her that you should know.

    Also you should definitely shave the puppies.

  3. TRX is awesome. And no one ever stopped me from reading under my desk--how rude of your teachers!

  4. I too used to sneak read under my desk all the time. And I'm totally with you on apples.

  5. I miss football too. Fortunately all this RG3 stuff has made it a better than average off season.

  6. I'm really jealous that you no longer hoard running shoes. Maybe your purge will inspire me.

  7. 1. I didn't sleep for 8 straight days thanks to the drama llama visiting my life. I finally crashed hard on Wednesday night and it was glorious.

    4. I'm sad for you, I usually pass out the minute I sit down.

    5. I didn't make a song list for Spike but I made one about him and it's on my phone still too. :)

    8. Me either.

    17. Alas my injury boobs have deflated and the chestboard is back in full effect. The only plus side to this that I see is that I won't have that weird sideboob/armpit fat hanging out of my wedding dress in October. :)

  8. #22 YES. And refrigerated. I'm too high maintenance with my apples so I usually just say "nah."

  9. 8. Neither do I and I doubt I'm missing anything. Audiobooks consume my listening hours.

    20. Exactly, so it's probably safest to just stop eating.

  10. my favorite part of this list was this: "The more I read about nutrition, the more I am convinced that it is impossible to get it exactly right." - I TOTALLY AGREE WITH THAT. happy friday!

  11. I used to be able to sleep on airplanes but could NOT fall asleep on my way to or from Hawaii for longer than 10 minutes. It made adjusting to the time change that much worse after taking a red eye back to the East Coast!
    I read some news but I never watch it... and I have no idea what is going on in politics.
    I think you need to eat a burrito... That is far too long to go without one!

  12. #7 Ours is forever old and we hate it. But the previous owners managed to build it in before putting in counters/flooring so both would have to be removed/replaced.

    #15 Ditto. Especially college FB.

  13. Love love love TRX! I have noticed a big difference by doing it once a week, and you look totally cool (i.e. look like an ass) trying to balance one leg while doing a squat or be suspended doing push-ups but it is soo awesome.

    PS with you on #8 - you don't need it when you have twitter or fb.

  14. Why the end to the running shoe hoarding? I'm just asking because I now have more than one pair of running shoes...

  15. I hope number 11 - the book bag one - isn't true! Don't stop a kid from reading! I wish more of them did it.

    And our cat is named Torres after Dara Torres- but she was Emily's and she named her.

  16. nice facts! Did my own post if you wanna check it out! Happy Friday!

  17. I was in a terrible cycle of insomnia a few weeks ago. That's the worst!
    Hope the hills were fun today!

  18. I'm dumb but what is RFF?
    Sorry I couldn't climb with you. This husband being out of town thing sucks. 3 hours on the trainer is my idea of hell.

  19. Take the word "Exactly" out of #20 - it's never the same for everyone, that's why it's an art ;)

  20. Biting into an apple is no fun. Sliced all the way!

  21. Eggs ... add some hot sauce to them. Even a tiny bit makes a big different. A very small bit of garlic powder helps too.

  22. TRX is the best! I can tell you anything you would like to know about it. Also, the nutrition thing. This is why I am increasingly excited about returning to school for my master's in nutrition. NEED ANSWERS.

  23. Sleeping on airplanes is my fortay. I am usually asleep before we even take off.

    TRX? I used those ropes for the first time yesterday and did pushups with my feet elevated. That is all that I can tell you.

    Do you eat eggs in fried rice? Maybe start there if you don't as the taste will be masked by everything else.

    Did you watch the Dara Torres videos on Competitor? Man alive that woman is hot. I have always had a crush on her but when she was eating her post workout breakfast I downright fell in love.


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