random friday facts

1. I don't have any idea what "TMI" means.  I mean, I know what it's short for, but it's an alien concept to me.

2. I actually left my watch at home this morning while I ran.  It was bizarre.  I will never know what my HR was for those 30ish minutes.  No one will ever know.

3. I think red peppers taste better than green peppers.

4. I talk.  A lot.  All the time, but when I'm in pain, it's a lot faster and all jumbled together and you can't make it stop.  Just ask anyone in my farm of physical therapists.  Or the crazy woman that does my bikini wax.

5. I am 5lbs lighter than the last time I raced.  I do not think it matters.

6. I sleep on my stomach with one leg bent out to the side like the tree pose in yoga.  

7. A tiny space opened up in the past year behind one of my side teeth.  The dentist calls it a "food trap" but I call it "the thing that makes me actually floss."

8. I've blocked out time this morning on my calendar called "respond to all those emails wench."

9. I'm really looking forward to the oreos I will eat on Sunday.

10. I took two semesters of guitar lessons in college and still can't play the stupid thing.

11. I almost strangled two of my dogs yesterday.  I hope to never again have to clean poop off of a face.

12. I told the poet last night at dinner: I really, really like our marriage.

13. I've completely stopped wearing deodorant.

14. James Taylor is one of my favorite musicians. 

15. There was some chatter last night about athletes focusing on ice, compression and stretching but ignoring sleep and fuel.  It makes me feel better about ten hours of sleep in one night and eating spinach and blueberries because I think they have magic.  But I also wear the hell out of my compression socks.

16. I never realized that people from Philadelphia had an accent until I went to college in southern Indiana.  

17. I've wanted to live in California since I was about fourteen years old.  I think it might happen.

18. I'm closing in on the first year in my life since I was four that I wasn't either in school or teaching it.

19. I hate making decorating decisions.  I feel like I have no taste.  This is why all the rooms in my house are some shade of blue/gray.

20. I love the smell of fabric softener, the one with the green cap and the mountain in the background.

21. I think my hair has stopped growing.

Happy Friday, all!  Drop me a link if you RFF'd!