random friday facts

1. I don't have any idea what "TMI" means.  I mean, I know what it's short for, but it's an alien concept to me.

2. I actually left my watch at home this morning while I ran.  It was bizarre.  I will never know what my HR was for those 30ish minutes.  No one will ever know.

3. I think red peppers taste better than green peppers.

4. I talk.  A lot.  All the time, but when I'm in pain, it's a lot faster and all jumbled together and you can't make it stop.  Just ask anyone in my farm of physical therapists.  Or the crazy woman that does my bikini wax.

5. I am 5lbs lighter than the last time I raced.  I do not think it matters.

6. I sleep on my stomach with one leg bent out to the side like the tree pose in yoga.  

7. A tiny space opened up in the past year behind one of my side teeth.  The dentist calls it a "food trap" but I call it "the thing that makes me actually floss."

8. I've blocked out time this morning on my calendar called "respond to all those emails wench."

9. I'm really looking forward to the oreos I will eat on Sunday.

10. I took two semesters of guitar lessons in college and still can't play the stupid thing.

11. I almost strangled two of my dogs yesterday.  I hope to never again have to clean poop off of a face.

12. I told the poet last night at dinner: I really, really like our marriage.

13. I've completely stopped wearing deodorant.

14. James Taylor is one of my favorite musicians. 

15. There was some chatter last night about athletes focusing on ice, compression and stretching but ignoring sleep and fuel.  It makes me feel better about ten hours of sleep in one night and eating spinach and blueberries because I think they have magic.  But I also wear the hell out of my compression socks.

16. I never realized that people from Philadelphia had an accent until I went to college in southern Indiana.  

17. I've wanted to live in California since I was about fourteen years old.  I think it might happen.

18. I'm closing in on the first year in my life since I was four that I wasn't either in school or teaching it.

19. I hate making decorating decisions.  I feel like I have no taste.  This is why all the rooms in my house are some shade of blue/gray.

20. I love the smell of fabric softener, the one with the green cap and the mountain in the background.

21. I think my hair has stopped growing.

Happy Friday, all!  Drop me a link if you RFF'd!


  1. 1. Three Mile Island, everybody's favorite nuclear energy generating station.

    5. I agree. You should read my latest tri blog post. The "research" behind racing faster when you are lighter is basically bogus.

  2. Come to California! It's fabulous! I'm partial to San Francisco, but the whole state is pretty terrific. I'm an east coast transplant, and I've never had to shovel snow :)

  3. ok so i gotta know about this whole no deodorant thing. it perplexes me. TMI away sister.

    i'm happy you really like your marriage. gives me hope.

  4. Don't worry about your hair not growing. When you get older it grows in places you don't want it to.

  5. Can you expand on this no deo thing?

    Happiness in your relationship is awesome isn't it? I look at Spike all the time and tell him how awesome we are together. :)

    If you go to California that will really screw up our plans to be BFF's when we move to D.C. Yes we're still working on that and yes I have plans to make you my B.F.F. Duh.

  6. No deodorant? Maybe we'll skip "hot" yoga dates... ;)

    I hope you enjoyed your Heart-Rate-less 30 minutes! Verdict for tomorrow's running adventure?

  7. I note that no one is shocked by the lack of watch; everyone is shocked by the lack of deodorant.

    TMI - stuff I'm comfortable sharing, but others would prefer I didn't.

  8. #15. I'm eating spinach and blueberries as I read this!

    #19. I have no idea how to decorate or what looks good together! Our house is a series of blue, grey and white. Or black and white.

    Have a great day!

  9. I want to live in California also and will be insanely jealous if you get to go.

    I love running w/o feedback and do it 100 percent of the time. It's good for you!

    Yes to compression socks--I'm a believer!

  10. #6 Alarm Bells. This could be a big issue ... with your hip flexors/psoas etc. I have a friend who is suffering from all kinds of problems, and after numerous surgeries, etc, the doctors are telling him a big part of it is that he sleeps the way you describe. Sleep on your back!

    #12 Amen to good marriages. I count myself among the lucky too.

    #13 I don't wear deodorant either, unless I notice I stink. I'm not a super-granola type, but it's a marketing scam and unnatural.

  11. #13 What!!! No deodorant? OMG I would smell so bad no one would come near me. I don't know how you do it.

  12. #9 Me too. Well. Looking forward to my own, I was so disappointed they didn't offer them to me after my blood donating...decided to get a few for after my long ride. Question? Why don't they sell smaller packages? I don't need 100!
    #12. This makes me happy for you!

  13. #6 Agree with Kir...I sleep on my back but did the same thing with my knee turned out and ortho said that I had to train myself to stop. I don't know how you train yourself in your sleep, but I did stop doing it and my problems have almost disappeared.

    #8 I wish I was so popular that I HAD a bunch of friends' emails to respond to. So stop yer whining and get back to mine.

  14. I hope that your Oreo eating binge will include some of the ones with peanut butter filling. So good.

    1. I agree -- the PB ones are SO GOOD. Also try the new cake batter ones and tell me what you think, ok?

      If you go to Cali, I'll be visiting.

  15. Oreo's are a good source of iron, which most women are low in. Eat as many as possible for proper recovery.

  16. Move to California! I highly recommend :)

    I second the red peppers are better than green. I absolutely do not buy green peppers. Why would you when red is better?

  17. I took 2 semesters of guitar in college as well. At least it looks good hanging on my wall???

  18. 3. You think that because it's true.

    6. I do that, but on my back.

    17. Recommended. San Francisco has fake Potbelly, if that's something that plays into your considerations.

  19. Red peppers ARE better than green.

    I used to think James Taylor was black based solely off his name. Wasn't until some handed me a CD case of his and I blurted out "James Taylor is WHITE?" that I realized the error of my ways.

    Just finished my first RFF in weeks!

  20. #9 - why are you waiting until Sunday to eat Oreos? The race will be over by 10am tomorrow, you should be ripping open a package at 10:05.

    #14 - James Taylor is AMAZING. I saw him and Carole King a few years ago at the Verizon Center and even though we were the youngest ones there by a few decades, it was the best concert ever.

    #19 - I am afraid of failure when it comes to decorating. Especially putting pictures on the wall. That's why we have none of our wedding photos printed or framed or hung up anywhere. I don't know where I want to put them yet. You'd think after 5+ years of wedded bliss I would know.

  21. I also often sleep on my stomach in a "tree pose" like position. I find it takes pressure off my bladder and means I don't have to get up to go to the washroom in the middle of the night, which I quite like.

    RFF = Done.

  22. I love red peppers! I'm glad you didn't go into too much info about the poo on the face thing ;) You are a brave soul to not wear deodorant! And my friend, Wisconsin is where it's at!!

  23. #12 is always a good realization!
    My husband doesn't wear deodorant and doesn't stink, but I would be socially isolated if I opted out.
    I came out to CA 10 years ago, expecting it to be a 2-4 year stint. And yet I am still here...

  24. I saw you on the RnR course a couple times yesterday! I cheered extra loud for you and you looked like you were totally in the zone. Hope that means you had a great race.


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