three things thursday

1. Good morning, everyone!  I got back on the bike this morning for the second time since the race and I'm just so happy about it.  It was sunny, windy, chilly, and fabulous, and I got to catch up on 45 minutes of chit-chat with my bicycle partner in crime.  I also managed to take our picture without crashing:
How cute are we?  Yes, I only remembered to bring one eyeball with me.  I love fall riding.  Actually, I love all riding.  It just makes me happy.  I think I need want a new helmet though, a sexy red/white/black one to match all the rest of my cycling stuffs.

2. I bought a pair of Asics last week and have run in them a few times now, and they are damn near perfect.  Which leads me to ask...why did I even switch away from them in the first place?  No idea, stop asking stupid questions.  I'm going to keep switching them out with the Ravenna in hopes that I can move into a lighter stability shoe, but my legs are real happy about the 2160.  They are less than thrilled about the return to speed work.  Hush, legs, I'm being careful, I promise it will be okay.

3. Disclaimer: I have a lot of theories about things, and I'm usually wrong.  However, in thinking about my half marathon training last spring, I've come up with a theory.  I was running 4 days a week: interval workout, tempo workout, long run, recovery run.  That meant that the ratio of easy:hard weekly mileage was something like 4:25 (I count the long run as a "hard" workout because a) it is and 2) I was doing start-slow-finish-fast long runs, so I would start around a 10-minute-pace and drop to high 7s).  This means I really only had one "easy" run per week - which for some people, might be fine, but I'm starting to think wasn't right for me.  I think that I would have actually done myself a favor by adding a fifth day of very easy running in that cycle - maybe 4-5 miles at a recovery pace.  

All this means is for the next few weeks, I've decided that I'm only going to do one track workout a week - tempo was recommended by the brain trust so tempo is what I will do - and will make the rest of my weekly miles very easy.  I will split those miles into four days instead of three so I won't really increase my weekly mileage, just spread it out differently.  (Side note: I've been running four days a week consistently for three months now, so this isn't a huge stretch.)  I know that I won't bounce back into my fast as quickly as if I had two speed workouts a week, but I'm hoping that having more easy miles and shorter runs will make my body happy, and I think it's the right thing to do for right now.  It's all a process.  

What do you think?  I should be a scientist?  I have no idea what I'm talking about?  I really don't need a new helmet?  Let me have it.


  1. Cute picture of you and Emily.

    And go for the new helmet! New stuff = the best.

  2. Gotta go matchy matchy with the helment and gear. OR some awesome contrasting color just to freak people out.

  3. I have the 2160's and LOVE them! Last year I did national half in the 2150's but the 2160's feel better. They might feel better because they are cooler looking (got the black with turquoise-ish blue laces!) but I just love them.

    I personally couldn't run 4X a week but if you think another recovery run will help then try it out!

  4. Who said anything about *needing* all this gear? I thought we just spent all that money for fun.

    You stole my first thing Thursday thanks a lot.

  5. That picture (actually, and post in general) makes me so happy.

  6. I love an excuse to buy new things. Do it! LOL!

    2160's and I have been having an affair for years and the two pair I bought directly before getting injured stare at me longingly from the bottom of my closet everyday. I wish we had the same size shoe so I could just send them to you so they would get some love!!!

    As for runs, do what works and keeps you injury free! Even if that meant run 1 mile every day but Sunday I'd be on board!

  7. Love the happy biking photo. :)
    I say go ahead and get the matchy helmet. I'm loving the black/red/white color scheme.

  8. You should def be a scientist :)

    I love the biking photo - great success for snapping and not falling! You look really cool in your kit! :)

    Don't stop loving the Ravenna - I need peeps to keep buying them, now that I work for Brooks ;-)

  9. I usually just do 3 runs a week when I'm only in marathon training. Tempo, interval, and long run. I'll fill in the other two days with cross training. That's all from the book run less, run faster.

    Great pic!

  10. Having a helmet that looks good with your bike outfits is KEY. Rode in today myself for the 2nd day in a row and even with the wind, JOY! Chilly fingers, hurrah!

    Totally agree you should try for more easy days in that ratio.

    You do not want to run your long runs fast. You can speed up SLIGHTLY the last 1/4 of the run, but you should not be running anywhere close to tempo run pace; it should be at most about a minute/mi slower.
    The long run is not about speed. It is about endurance only. Fast long runs = less in your legs for speedwork/tempo days. Or worse things.

    I'm loving my Asics too, and plan to run MCM in them. Oh, and after that, bike ride!!

  11. You guys look cold! I will keep my eye out for your eye, deal?

  12. i say run what makes you happy-i think the head is an important role here too so if you FEEL good doing it, it'll be good ya know??
    speaking of heads.
    def get a sic new helmet. it's a must when eve ryou get anew bike. duh.

  13. Yay for the 2160! Seriously considering buying out the Internet before they are gone and replaced by the 2170.

    Also, I support your scientific theory. And based on my qualifications, I'm sure that means something (or nothing).

  14. You absolutely need a new helmet. It will make your sciency brain more safe.

  15. man i wish i loved riding. i try to but i'm just so nervous all the damn time. i vote new helmet!

  16. 1. You look SO entirely happy and adorable in this pic!
    2. YES you need a new red helmet. Matching is KEY to safety. Plus, duh, everyone knows you ride faster when you feel snazzy.
    C. I'm only running 3 days a week with the FIRST training plan and I credit that with keeping me injury free for the past year. Run Less Run Faster is working for me. But I know people who run 6 days a week, 70+ miles and are fine. Do what works for YOU! You know you best!

  17. You definitely need a new helmet. According to Jon having matching gear yields a +5mph increase in speed. Now that is science.

  18. FALL was in fierce form this morning (this afternoon it took a nap, blech)! It was SO perfect outside - your ride looks to have followed suit.

    On the last note, I made a very similar mistake when training for a half I did in June. Hard hard hard, one easy, hard. Hm, no real question as to why my legs were totally shot by race day. Lesson, learned!

  19. Very talented to be able to take that picture especially with only one eyeball.

  20. I'm with Kir...that's awfully hard pace for a long run. I wonder if you'd notice the difference just easing back on those a little. I only do 3-4 runs a week and feel like it works for me, not that that means it does for you, but since your focus is more tris than running races only, there's something to be said for being fresher for your hard bike/swim workouts too, not just running.

  21. Before you get a new helmet I'd get that eyeball.

    How do you people take pics while you are riding? I would go down no doubt about it.

    Get the new helmet. I've got two red/white/black helmets that I am going to be not wearing soon b/c I am getting a new race kit that is blue/black/green. Might have to get a new bike too since the bike is red/black/white. HA!

    As for the workouts do what feels best for you. We could all sit here and give you our opinions but we aren't doing the work. If it feels good and works for you then go for it. This whole sport is about trial and error.


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