three things thursday

1. The first thing Thursday has got to be my mental state.  I felt completely flattened after this weekend.  I spent some of Monday morning rehashing and over-analyzing, and then suddenly I just don't want to talk about it anymore.  I'm ready for a break.  I'm ready to do things for fun again, and not be on some ridiculous and completely inflexible schedule.  I've been married to triathlon for the past few months and I feel like his shell-shocked battered wife.  I just want to hide in my sweatpants and ignore my HR monitor and let people be nice to me for a little while.  So that's what I'm going to do.  I've made a lot of important decisions over the past few days, and one of the best of them lets me go back and train with CAR for a month or so until Ironman base training gets cranked up later this winter.  I need to spend some time focusing on my running, as it is the weakest link, which helps it to all line up quite nicely.

2. That said, I do want to discuss one other piece of race preparation that I quite intentionally left out last week: nutrition.  Last spring for Kinetic, I attempted (and moderately achieved) to carb-deplete when I started tapering, and then carb-loaded 3 days out - Wednesday afternoon - for the race.  This time around, I decided to change a few things.  I decided that when taper started, I would take out my two biggest calorie sources in my diet - beer and ice cream.  I also decided to not completely carb-deplete, but instead take as much of the bread as I could handle out of my diet and focus on eating really clean (i.e. getting carbs from fruits and veggies instead of pounding the pita).  

In hindsight, this was both a really fabulous and really horrendous idea.  I think that making this change to my diet was a good idea, because after I adjusted to it (about 5 days), I felt strong and clean and lean.  However, I think that deciding to do this while tapering was maybe the worst possible time to do it and nearly ended my marriage (see: adjustment period).  Thursday night I had a piece of bread with dinner and it really took the edge off, but I didn't "carb load" for my race on Saturday.  I did make sure to have two pieces of bread with dinner Friday night, but I didn't have the pasta dish that I usually fill up on.  Did this make a difference on race day?  I can't really say for sure, although it's hugely important to note that the collection of nutritional changes I made this cycle had the end result of me not having poopy pants during or after the race.  It also caused me to lose about 4lbs in 10 days.  Arguably a lot of this was water weight anyhow, and I've gained 2 back since the race, but my weight at no time was lighter than I was last spring, so I don't feel like this was a scary or dangerous weight loss.  

Moving forward, I've put the bread back in my diet, but I think I'm going to try and keep things as clean as possible and see how I adapt as training ramps back up.  I spent the first three days after the race living on leftover birthday cake and booze, and that's all fine, but yesterday I finally had a normal day of eating and I feel better for it.  That doesn't mean that I'm never going to have beer or ice cream, but I definitely don't need to be having one or the other (or both) every day.  I think that once I'm in IM training it's going to be far more difficult to change my habits, so I'm going to keep trying to make small changes now.

3. I'm making a big pile called "recipes to try" to work through this fall, but tonight I'm making one of my regular dinners and I'm just so excited.  The "habit-changing" can start tomorrow.  And there are 2 (sometimes 3) of us, and this is supposed to serve 4-6 (8?) at least, so drop on by...

Happy Thursday, all!  


  1. Not that you need more input, but if you lose that much weight in that short a time pre-race, as you said, good deal is probably glycogen and water - SO unless you put at least half of it back on right before the race it's probably not ideal.

    Of course veggies are good. And tasty (mmmmmmmmmmmm eggplant and tomatoes).

  2. You need to listen to what your head is telling you and take that triathlon break. Smart move 'cause IM training is draining (and rhymes!).

    good move on getting some carbs back in your world too.

  3. You're so smart.. IM training is going to give you PLENTY of time to be tired, and drained, and wanting to not look at your bike or running shoes (God, I'm so inspirational..).. So take that break now, and come back fired up :)

  4. Where do ya live? ;)

    Enjoy your break from Triathlon!

    oooorrrrr, maybe you can do the eat,drink, sleep version of it?

  5. So what you're saying is you're going to cook lots of yummy food while I'm there and we're going to indulge like fat kids on holiday?!?! :)

  6. i'm feeling that need to take a break right now too. maybe it's the time of year. but whatever you made for dinner looks delicious. i'm not even hungry right now but i'd totally eat it.

  7. I want to go to there, with "there" being that cheesy noodle-y goodness.

  8. That looks amazingly tasty.
    Don't start talking crazy - you NEED beer and ice cream in your daily diet. Well, I do anyway.
    Come run some fun, easy trails with me while the weather is still good! I promise you'll love it. It's the anti-training.

  9. take a break and eat some bread. (i think that should be on some motivational sign somewhere.) :)

  10. I'm so glad you decided to come back to CAR! I'm just a little sad that you rejected my cadre invitation :(

    So.... what's for dinner tonight?

  11. Good idea to take a break before you jump into IM training.
    I really need to clean up my diet but it's tough because I really like food (and beer). I should start really focusing on nutrition this weekend and leading up to the marathon.
    That lasagna looks awesome.

  12. I'm looking forward to running with you for a few weeks!

  13. Gotta admit, I was a little concerned about that nutrition question you sent me, three days before the race! Thank the lawd for that bruschetta WITH bread ;)

    You're a smart chick - you'll get all this down for next time, when the big Ironman guns come out to play and its gametime!

    For now, I see a lot of melted cheese in there. What time is dinner?

  14. enjoy the break and have fun with your fitness-
    eat some bread
    and drink some beer
    and eat more bread
    and ice cream

    when does base kick in?

  15. here here on #1. time to enjoy the off season and temporarily forget about stupid races.

  16. I think you have def. earned some time off.

    And no ice cream?!?! I have to have some after dinner almost every day.

  17. Smart move to get away from it and avoid the burnout. Really smart.

    I love your take on nutrition. You will bounce back stronger than you ever have before. Just be sure to not drop a treat onto your plate every now and again because if you don't you will crave it like crazy and then you will fall off that wagon.

  18. Take full advantage of the break, for sure. Then you can be totally ready to jump back into training - for me, nothing says "time to train again" than literally splitting my skirt after indulging in a few too many baked goods. Then I REALLY feel like I earned the right to go back to training. BTW - would love to hear some eat clean recipes you come across. Once this whole off-season thing is over, I want to change my diet for the better in 2012.

  19. I'm pretty certain I am doing the exact opposite of you. I've eaten clean since March and this past week I started putting boatloads of crap into my body. I'm guessing it's not going to lead to a good race on Sunday... but I'll let you know, maybe I've discovered a new trick! :)

    Enjoy the fall baking - I <3 fall and the associated baking/cooking. Mmm pumpkin... and then it's cookie time!!!!

  20. Good for you for spotting burnout before you hit rock bottom—a friend whose hard-core marathon training program was going swimmingly crashed, hard, during a race a few weeks ago, and switched from the full to the half to avoid hating running FOREVER. Rest and be moderate so you'll be ready to ramp it up when it's time! And also: Listen to your body and soul about the beer and ice cream. I don't want to tell you to shovel either substance in, but moderation is a good thing!


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