three things thursday

1. I have officially declared my post-ironman bender over.  Sunday morning I joined a friend for a swim and was pretty shocked to see what was happening against a watch for the first time in a while.  I kicked over my new leaf with a rest day on Monday, but I got my life in order and ate well all day (another "first in a while").  Since then, I've put myself loosely back on a schedule - there is nothing hard at all happening, but I'm just trying to get my feet back under me.  I reintroduced my delicate parts to a bike seat on Tuesday morning after two solid weeks away from the bike (my, do those calluses fade away quickly) and that plus slowly improving nutrition and sleeping habits mean that I am starting to feel like myself again.  The past two months of our lives have been a rollercoaster for so many reasons, and I'm really looking forward to life calming down and settling back into what I consider our normal.

2. You may recall that the poet decided to sign up and train for a sprint earlier in the summer.  The race is this weekend up in Maryland, and I am pretty excited to rock some serious spectating.  He's been training on his hybrid bike, but for the race was able to borrow a road bike (that even has aerobars!) from a friend of ours.  It's pink and I think he looks oh-so-fabulous on it.
I'm trying to convince him to wear my aero helmet, so please leave your strongly-worded opinion on the matter in the comments and I'll make sure he reads them before packing his transition bag Saturday evening.

3. I've been working on the ironman Q&A post all week and it should be ready to go tomorrow, so this is "last call" for any questions for a just-a-hair-under-14-hour-IM-finisher.  Any questions about being fast or winning the race will be forwarded to my coach because I have no idea how to make any of that happen.  The questions that have come in so far have been pretty fun, and I'm looking forward to posting this one.

Happy Thursday, everyone!  Who's gearing up for a race this weekend?