thank you

Graham came home Sunday.

I don't know if I understand the distance between that sentence and the ones we heard from Dr. Geis late last Wednesday night, "I would like to do surgery now. I'm not sure he will make it until morning."

But he did make it, through five surgeries, through a drug induced coma, through days when we could only see him through a cage, then with the door open, then in a room for five minutes, then in a room for thirty minutes. And the day before yesterday, we brought our dog home.

But, not just our dog, your dog. See, neither of us had any question of whether or not we would try to save him.

It's Graham.

We made the call on the surgery that night. But once the credit cards were maxed out our only options were to take our half-healed puppy, still very much in danger, home to fight an unwinnable battle or allow our great friends, Liz and Amy, to ask the world for help.

And you helped. You all helped. You very much helped in great droves and with great generosity. You saved him.

And so, Graham is no longer just our dog. He is your dog too. When you see a picture of him online, when you see him at a 5k or the dogpark, when you are at our house or we are at yours, you can say, "That's my dog. That's my Graham."

When he came into our house, he saved Katie and made us a family. Now you have saved him and you are family.

Thank you. Forever. For everything.