random Wednesday brain dump

Last week we had quite a bit of sunny weather.  While I was working from home one morning, I left the back door open and the puppies went out and laid around in the sunshine.
After realizing how happy they were, we decided to put in a dog door.  We can gate them into the kitchen/back part of the house so they can't get into too much trouble, and they can go outside whenever they want to.  As soon as they figure out how to get through the door...
Completely unrelated, I've been worried that I have a bit of a sugar addiction lately.  Not so much candy and crap, but more the evil secret sugars that everybody hates on for sneaking into all of your food.  This weekend, I discovered how to break that addiction.  I made this for Easter (no, my hair was not combed but at least it was clean, thanks).
I had less than one slice and three days later, still have absolutely no interest in eating any sugar or a peep or really anything but green vegetables.  Maybe ever again.

In other random shit that really doesn't matter, the poet has returned to running after the five-month break he took following his big marathon PR.  We did our long runs together Sunday morning.  For the first time since he started running, I get to be faster than him.  I'm sure it won't last longer than another week or so while he gets his heart rate back under control but it's nice to not be smoked by my tall, lanky, runs-with-perfect-form-and-never-gets-injured husband for once.
Oh, and we painted the living room.
Happy Wednesday!