wordless wednesday

It's dangerous to leave guns in the pool.

more musings

I dumped my blog into one of those word things last night, as part of trying to get my shit together.   Posted otherwise without comment.

fear, failure, execution

I've been reading a lot lately about the mental aspect of training lately, just about everything I can get my grubby little hands on.  I used to think, "oh, I don't need mental training, I don't have problems motivating," but as it turns out, that's a bunch of crap.  A lot of it is about fear and pressure.  Failure.  Why we reach out and grab onto anything we can that takes that fear away.  And it's made me think about where I feel it, what I'm actually afraid of, and face some pretty uncomfortable truths.  I don't really want to write about it.  I don't even really want to THINK about it, it's awkward and I really hate awkward.  But I've been having a hard time lately, especially with what's going on in my head and with some of my training-partners-turned-friends-turned-training-partners.  So bear with me. Even before I was an endurance athlete, I had things in my life to go after, and I would go after them like a wild woman, gr

february, otherwise known as "spring"

I don't think I looked at my February goals even once during this month. February Goals Schedule a bike fit.   Was refit twice this month, and I'll be doing it again at the beginning of April. Don't buy any more beer (fridge is full, folks, I'm not losing my mind). Check!  Beer supply is dwindling. Keep doing the buy-a-mystery-veggie-and-cook-it thing. I think we did this a few times. Buy another pair of dress pants. I bought TWO pairs, but one pair is being returned.  Obviously. Do a long run without music (maybe).   Did lots of running without music. Take pictures and post the crank for sale (anyone want it?) on ST. Crap.   Do a few more clean-out-the-pantry weeks. We're in the midst of this right now. What can I say?  There was swimming, there was biking, and there was half a month of running.  I'm not sure when exactly I decided to love swimming, but there it is.  I really look forward to my scheduled swim workouts and have been getting in the p