In college, I tied up my running shoes and headed out with a friend to burn off some of those college-party-calories.  And I fell in love; I began, a runner.  But running never loved me back, not the way I wanted it to.  Multiple bouts in the orthopedist's office landed me in the pool and then on the bike, but I still struggled with injury until I finally discovered the most important tool an athlete can have: a coach.

My coach was the first person to teach me about the Maffetone method.  Through MAF, I was finally able to train consistently and without injury.  I crossed the finish line of my first ironman the healthiest and happiest I had ever been in my life, and had no desire to stop there.
I began to study the MAF methods.  I have taken classes, attended seminars and lectures on topics ranging from nutrition to sport-specific skills to gait analysis to coaching multi-sport as a whole.  I am a USAT Level I Certified Coach, a Training Peaks Certified Coach, a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and a USA Swimming Certified Coach.  I have worked with a broad spectrum of athletes, ranging from beginners tackling their first 5K to experienced triathletes looking to get stronger and faster at their next ironman.
Though all of this training I have learned that the distance athletics is often just a vehicle for change in your own life.  I work with athletes who are just starting out as well as those who are more advanced and trying to get faster.  I prefer to work with an athlete who wants to live a healthier lifestyle, who is ready to make changes, to invite in joy and happiness, and who knows there is a better life they could be living, even if they don’t know how to get there.
If that sounds like you, drop me an email at runthisamazingday@gmail.com.

Katie is patient, positive, and genuinely cares about you as both an athlete and a person. Attentive and responsive; she makes me feel positive about meeting my goals and fulfilling my potential." -Pam C.

Katie is dedicated to her athletes like no other coach I have seen. She takes the whole person into consideration - not just your finish line goals. She turns you into a well-rounded athlete and ensures that you are operating at your best! -Katie A.

I've seen marked improvement in my fitness and conditioning, body, and overall health throughout the five months I've worked with Katie.  I set a new PR at the half marathon distance, only this time it was after swimming 1.2 miles and biking 56.  Weeks later, I returned to the same course and finished it nearly eight minutes faster.  Katie has taken someone who thought they had the drive to do it alone, who never dreamt of needing a coach, and made them a believer.  -Jeff C.

Katie took me from being a wanna-be athlete that could barely complete a 5K and turned me into a triathlete competing in multiple distances in less than a year. She will be your biggest cheerleader, teach you to be proud of all your accomplishments and embrace all the joy this lifestyle will bring you. -Becca W.

Katie was able to take this non-runner and make her into an overall athlete. She was skilled enough to push aside my own self-doubt and fear and make me realize I am able to do anything I set my mind to. -Megan H.

Katie's seemingly boundless wealth of knowledge about training and nutrition and her ability to convey that information in useful pieces to her group of athletes, makes her a unique and invaluable coach. She teaches, inspires, and supports. And she commands results. -Bryn N.